Class 3 Term 1

Welcome back from the summer break. We have some incredibly interesting and exciting learning ahead of us this year, with some really exciting topics and trips to look forward to. The first 2 weeks have been very positive, and we are all (adults included!) getting into the swing of things!

Mr Boorman

Term 1

Our overarching topic for this term is The Romans. This is a history based topic, focusing primarily on the Roman invasion of Britain. We will be learning about the early history of the Roman Empire, before looking more in depth at the invasion of Emperor Claudius in AD43 and the resulting revolt by Boudicca and the Iceni tribe, before moving on to study the effect that the Romans had on Britain in terms of architecture and lifestyle.


Spelling: Set on a Monday and to be handed in on a Monday. We are following the Spice up spelling program, while also completing daily activities in class.

Homework Menu: 1 activity to be completed in homework books each week. This will be handed out on a Wednesday and needs to be handed in on a Monday.

Maths: 2 tasks will be set each week to be completed on Mathletics. These will be set on a Wednesday and need to be completed by the following Monday. If there is a problem with Mathletics at home, please let me know either in writing or by coming to see me before or after school. Children who are unable to use Mathletics at home will be given time on a Friday lunchtime to complete the activities.

Literacy and Maths homework will be set on a Wednesday, and should be handed in on a Monday. If children fail to bring their homework in on time, they will be expected to complete it at lunchtime and will miss part of their golden time on a Friday. Please see me before school or send a note in with your child if there are any problems.

Reading: It is expected that children will read both independently and with an adult on a regular basis at home, completing their reading records.

Monday Homework handed in. Spice up spelling tasks handed in. Mathletics activities completed by today. New spellings handed out.
Tuesday PE with Mark Potter.
Wednesday Wednesday:
Thursday Forest School

Key Dates

Thursday 28th September Harvest festival. Children to be dropped at church.
Friday 29th September European day of languages, including special breakfast.
Friday 6th October INSET – no children in school.
Tuesday 17th October Parents evening. 3:30pm-5:30pm
Wednesday 18th October Parents evening. 5pm-7:30pm
Monday 6th November School pictures.
Monday 13th November Class trip to Fishbourne.
Friday 24th November Takeover Day.
Saturday 25th November PTA Christmas fair.
Friday 1st December Uckfield late night shopping.
Monday 4th December Rainbow Theatre.
Thursday 14th December KS2 Carol Concert.
Tuesday 19th December KS2 Christmas party.
Wednesday 20th December End of term cup assembly.



We will firstly be reading the book ‘Bill’s New Frock’ by Anne Fine. Children will have the opportunity to make predictions, discuss their opinions on the different plot points, and write a variety of texts based on the book. After half term, we will be shifting our focus onto non-fiction texts based on our Roman topic.


In term one, there is a great emphasis across the school on number and place value. It is important for children to understand the ways in which our number system works before they can move onto more complex concepts. We will also this term be looking at addition and subtraction, before moving onto multiplication and division. An important activity for children at home is to keep practicing their times tables up to 12x12 – by the end of Year 4 they are expected to know all of them off by heart!


In science, we will be studying states of matter, and the changes that take place between a solid, liquid and gas. After half term, we will move on to studying plants, specifically the function of different parts and the life cycle of flowering plants.


After half term, children will be designing and making their own Roman chariots.


In art we are studying and creating our own Roman mosaics, inspired by the beautiful examples at Fishbourne.


We will be looking at different harvest celebrations in other religions, before learning about the different writings of the Bible.


In PE, we will be developing our skills in games with Mark Potter, and developing our dance skills using Roman-inspired music and stories.


Children will be discussing new beginnings, and learning more about the feelings that can accompany these events.


In ICT, children will be learning how to create a simple maze game using the Scratch program.

Modern Foreign Languages

Children in Class 3 will be learning German this year. In term 1, we will be learning basic phrases including greetings, saying your name and asking how people are feeling. After half term, we will be learning to say German numbers in order for us to say how old we are.


Recorder lessons will be each week on a Wednesday morning.

Class Trip

Class Three will be visiting the Roman Palace of Fishbourne in November. We currently have space for 2 parent helpers – please indicate on the trip letter once it is sent out if you would like to attend.

Forest School

Forest school is every Thursday afternoon, with year 3 and 4 on alternate weeks. Please ensure your child has suitable clothing for the forecast weather.


We would love for any parents to come in and help listen to children read. Please let me know if you are available.

If you have any questions, please see me after school or contact me at