Hunt for Mini-Beasts

As the class are studying mini-beasts we went on a hunt in our Forest School area to see what we could find. Looking in all the shady corners and under logs we found, beetles, centipedes, millipedes, wood lice, worms and slugs. We put them on a clear perplex sheet and looked up at them from underneath to see how they moved about. We tried to work out if they were insects. Did they have a head, thorax and abdomen? How many legs did they have? Did they have Antennae? How did they move themselves along?

We acted out different mini-beast movements, curling up like woodlice, trying to wiggle like a worm and joining together to form a millipede. Later we compared our actions to what the mini beasts were really doing on the Perspex.

We had a good look at all the plants that we had planted at they end of last term and marvelled at how well they were doing. There were a few seedlings left so we planted them up too. We discussed how they were helping to improve the habitat around the pond for wildlife.

Although our pond is less than a year old, we had great success there finding tadpoles as well as damselfly and dragonfly nymphs! There was of course, some time for cooking in the mud kitchen and a little face-painting too before we finished with our drink and a snack.