Term 3 Newsletter – Go with the Flow

Welcome to 2017! Last term was full of excitement and interest, and the children showed great enthusiasm for our learning – I hope that we can continue in that vein this term! Already we are seeing some great effort and work being produced in class, and our topic display board is already full with the work that children managed to do over the Christmas holidays. There is a lot to look forward to over these short terms! - Mr Boorman

Our overall topic for this term is ‘Rivers’. The main focus of this is developing our skills in geography – we have already begun by getting to grips with atlases and finding out about key geographical points like countries and continents. As we move through the term towards Easter, we will be looking more closely at the different parts of rivers and the ways in which rivers are used and inhabited. In order to do this, we will be comparing two very different rivers – the Amazon and the Thames. These two rivers flow through very different, but both very interesting, areas of land and are used in very different ways.


We have begun using the picture book, ‘A River’. The pages have very few words on them, which really allows children to use their imagination when it comes to writing about what is going on. We will then move on to ‘Journey to the River Sea’, an exciting book about a girls adventures on the Amazon river.


Following the new numeracy curriculum, with increased emphasis on using and applying maths to solve problems. The beginning of this term sees a focus on fractions, decimals and percentages before we move on to geometry topics.


In science, we will first be looking at forces, with particular focus on gravity, air resistance, friction and water resistance. Some of this knowledge will give us greater understanding of the processes involved in rivers, including erosion, river flow and using rivers. After half term, we will start to consider the wildlife that uses a river as its natural habitat while studying the life cycles of plants and animals.


In DT this term, we will be looking at how natural materials can be used to make free standing structures – both on a small, individual scale and potentially in a real –life forest context as part of Forest School.


In art we will be having a go at different types of printing, including looking at the work of famous print artists including Picasso, Warhol, Durer and Klein.


We will be taking the opportunity to practice mindfulness techniques as we study Christian prayer and psalms.


In PE, we will be developing our skills in games, while also growing as gymnasts. Tuesdays will be taught by Mark Potter and Zara Breeze.


Going for Goals using the Go Givers resources.


In ICT, children will be learning about Excel, online communication and internet safety with Mr Toms.

French and singing will continue to take place each week.


Spelling: Set on a Friday and tested on a Friday. Children’s spelling lists this term will be taken from the new National Curriculum lists for years 5 and 6.

Literacy: A project sheet will be sent home, listing a variety of tasks for children to complete each week.

Maths: This will reflect current classroom learning, giving children the chance to either consolidate or extend their learning. At times this will be set using Mathletics.

Literacy and Maths homework will be set on a Wednesday, and should be handed in on a Monday. If children fail to bring their homework in on time, they will be expected to complete it at lunchtime and will miss part of their golden time on a Friday. Please see me before school or send a note in with your child if there is a problem on a Monday.

Mental maths: 1 page of the book set on a Monday and to be returned to school on a Wednesday.

Reading: It is expected that children will read to themselves independently each evening. However, Children still need to read with an adult at home at least twice a week. This gives you a chance to ask them questions about their reading, helping them to develop quality reading skills outside of the classroom.

Monday Homework handed in. Mental Maths books taken home. PE with Mr Boorman
Tuesday PE with Zara/Mark
Wednesday Mental Maths books handed in. Homework given out
Friday Spellings tested and handed out for the next week

Key Dates

Friday 3rd February UNICEF day for change
Tuesday 7th February Safer internet day
Wednesday 22nd February Parents evening
Thursday 23rd February Parents evening
Friday 24th February Year 5 café
Thursday 2nd March World Book Day and Year 6 Café
Tuesday 7th March Year 6 trip to the Houses of Parliament, London
Thursday 16th March Cuckmere river trip
Friday 17th March PTA quiz night
Friday 24th March Comic relief
Monday 27th March Easter service
Friday 31st March Cup assembly

Class Trip

Class Four will be visiting the Cuckmere River, where they will trace the course of the meandering river to its mouth, conducting various field work studies on the way.

Forest School

Please remember to look at the dates on the letter given out at the end of last term.


As a school, we are keen to give children the opportunity to see maths in action in the real world. If anyone would like to come into school or host a small group of children in a real life maths setting, please let me know!

If you have any questions, please see me after school or contact me at rboorman@blackboys.e-sussex.sch.uk