Class 2 Autumn Term – Home Sweet Home

Dear Parents,

A big, warm welcome to Class 2! I hope you all had some lovely family time in the sun this summer and feel ready for the year ahead. We have already had such a great start to the school year and I know we’re going to achieve so much and have lots of fun along the way!

This year we will see Mrs Hall returning to Class 2 and teaching the class on a Thursday afternoon whilst Mrs Sullivan has her Planning, Preparation and Assessment time away from the classroom.  This year, Mrs Pomfret will be working as the class TA every morning and Miss Pavitt will be spending half her time with Class 1 and half with Class 2.

Our topic for this term is Home Sweet Home, an exploration of houses and homes, both past and present, and around the world. We have lots of exciting activities planned for this topic. We have already started to think about our own homes and community and will be looking at our place in the world.  We will be conducting a survey around the village of the different types of houses there are in Blackboys.    We will also look at the materials used for building houses and why these are useful.  After half term we will be looking at houses in the past linked with the Great Fire of London.  For DT, we plan to design and make our own houses based on the story of the Three Little Pigs.  We will be having a DT week just before half term, and are planning to have a DT day with our friends at Framfield on Friday 14th October.


Your child will have a Home Learning Book with a menu inside. They may choose any of the activities to complete.  This will be given out on a Wednesday and handed in on a Monday.


Every child should be reading for a minimum of 10-15 minutes each evening. This is perhaps the most important piece of homework! Remember to discuss the book, pick out favourite words, retell the story and make the reading fun! Remember that your child does not need to read really challenging books at home – any more than 5 mistakes on a page and the book is too hard! This is the ‘five finger rule’ that we use in class. If your child is tired, support them by reading together or just sharing a book and talking about the characters, plot, setting – this is very important when learning to read.

All reading should be recorded on the Reading Record Booklet and then brought to school to be stamped – a certificate will be given in Thursday assemblies for each completed booklet.


Your child will have a Spelling Journal into which they can complete the activities on the Spelling menu, or just to practise writing the words on their own or in sentences.  This needs to come into school on a Monday to be checked.  Please remember to sign the spelling menu to indicate which activities your child has completed.


Please continue to work on Mathletics at home.  The children have been given a new log-in card, although their log-in details have not changed!  I appreciate that many parents aren’t happy with their children having a lot of screen time, but just 10 minutes on Live Mathletics will greatly benefit your child’s number handling skills.  I will occasionally add tasks for the children to complete before they can do anything else, these will be related to what we are learning in class.


We have a class teddy, called “Ted”, who would like to visit the children at home to have fun with them.  Ted comes home with his journal in which I would like the children to write about what they have done.  You can include pictures/photos of your time with Ted, but I would like the children to do the writing.  I am, therefore, not expecting pages of writing, but a few sentences (depending on their age and ability) about their time with Ted.  Ted may stay for 1-2 nights.

In Literacy we shall be looking at two lovely picture books.  The first is “The Something” by Rebecca Cobb, which is about a hole in a little boy’s garden and the imaginative ideas his family has about what might be in the hole.  The second book is “House Held up by Trees” by Ted Kooser, which looks at what happens to a well-loved house when the people who live there grow old and eventually have to move away.  Both books should inspire some fantastic creative writing.

I would prefer for the children not to have seen these books before we study them, as I would like the children to make predictions about what might happen.

In Maths we shall be looking at number, focussing on reading and writing numbers and counting. We will have a focus on addition and subtraction for both year groups, with the year 2s moving onto looking at multiplication and division later in the term.  This term the focus will be on gaining a really good grasp of numbers 0-20 for Year 1 and 0-100 for Year2.

Towards the end of the term, we will be looking at shape, making some useful links to our topic work.



School starts at 8:55am. This is the time children should be entering the school building and classrooms. The children's entrance closes at this time and any late comers will need to enter through the front door.

School ends at 3:15. Please be punctual for pick up. Thank you.

P.E. kits

Our P.E. lessons are on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons. Please make sure your child has their full P.E. kit and this is clearly named - thank you.


Please check that all of your child’s uniform is clearly labelled with their name – this saves so much time when trying to sort out clothing! Many thanks.

Water Bottles

Please send a named bottle of water for your child to drink in class. Children are able to drink from the water fountain but having a water bottle is a lot easier and does not require your child to leave the classroom during lesson time. It is important to remind your child to take bottles home everyday to ensure they are clean and hygienic. Many thanks.

As always, if there are any problems or concerns with your child, please come in and discuss it with me.