Class 3 Autumn Term

Welcome to the 2018/19 academic year.  I hope that you and your child are well rested from the summer holiday and ready to embrace the new learning and opportunities in Class 3. A big welcome to our new children who have now moved upstairs from Key Stage 1!

Term 5/6

Our overall topic for this term is ‘The Stone Age’. This will involve a study of what life would have been like in Stone Age times while also concentrating on its place within Britain’s historical timeline. We will also learn about the geography of the time, appreciating the changes to the British Isles in ancient history. The topic gives us a great opportunity to be creative thanks to the study of Stone Age Art /cave paintings and stone artefacts.


Spelling: Children will be given a Spice Up Spelling menu with a list of suggested activities which can be completed each week. If you would rather practise spellings in a different way, please feel free to do so. However, it is expected that a piece of spelling work will be brought in on a Monday in their spelling folder to be checked in school.

Literacy: A homework menu will be sent home, listing a variety of tasks for children to complete each week in their homework book.

Maths: This will reflect current classroom learning, giving children the chance to either consolidate or extend their learning. At times this will be set using Mathletics.

Literacy and Maths homework will be set on a Wednesday, and should be handed in on a Monday. This gives them 5 days to complete their activities. If children fail to bring their homework in on time, they will miss part of their golden time on a Friday. Please see me before school or send a note in with your child if there is a problem on a Monday, and children will then be able to catch up during lunchtime.

Reading: It is expected that children will read to themselves independently each evening. However, children still need to read with an adult at home at least twice a week. This gives you a chance to ask them questions about their reading, helping them to develop quality reading skills outside of the classroom. Reading records have been sent home, and children will also have a school reading record to note down their thoughts and opinions on their reading.

Monday Homework handed in. Spelling activity handed in. New spelling list sent home. PE with Mr Boorman.
Tuesday PE with All Star Soccer.
Wednesday Homework books handed out.


During the first part of this term, we will be studying a book called ‘Stone Age Boy’, a time slip story that also gives lots of information about the stone age. After half term, we will be reading the classic text ‘Stig of the Dump’.


Before half term, we will be focusing on the incredibly important aspect of place value, a concept that underpins lots of other maths in the curriculum. We will then move onto the four main methods of calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). This will involve a mixture of fluency practice (number bonds and facts, times tables), and reasoning and problem solving.


In science we will be learning about how sounds are made and are heard by the human ear. We will then look at how electrical circuits function.


In art we will be using different natural materials to create our own versions of cave paintings.


This term, we will be considering the question, ‘What is the Trinity?’


This year, our Tuesday PE sessions will be run by All Star Soccer, who will be teaching the class about invasion games. Children will then be learning about dance in our second PE lesson of the week.


In PSHE this year we will be following our new ‘Jigsaw’ scheme. In our first term, we will be looking at ‘Being Me in My World’ where children will learn about their role in making school a positive place. After half term, we will be studying the unit ‘Celebrating Differences’.


In ICT, we will spend most of the first term reminding children how the school system functions, and how to save work and other items correctly in the right folders. We will then be using Pic Collage to arrange photos in different ways.

Forest School

Class 3 will be enjoying forest school sessions with Mrs Godfrey this term. These will take place in year groups. Please refer to the letter sent home last week for more information.

German, recorders and singing will continue to take place each week.

Class helpers

We are always on the lookout for any parents who would be able to come in and give children the chance to do some extra reading or times tables practice.

If you have any questions, please see me after school or contact me at

Key Dates

Thursday 12th September  first forest school session.
Monday 24th September  INSET day, no pupils in school.
Friday 28th September  Year 4 café. European Day of Languages.
Wednesday 3rd October  Harvest Festival and hike back to school.
Friday 5th October  Year 3 café.
Tuesday 9th October  Parental phonics workshop.
Monday 15th and Wednesday 17th October  Parents evenings.
Monday 5th November  Tempest school photos.
Wednesday 7th November  Parental maths workshop (morning and evening session).
Friday 23rd November  Takeover day.
Monday 3rd December  Rainbow Theatre pantomime.
Friday 7th December  Uckfield late night shopping KS2 choir.
Saturday 8th December  PTA Christmas fair.
Thursday 13th December (TBC)  KS2 carol service.
Monday 17th December  whole school Christmas dinner.
Tuesday 18th December  KS1 + KS2 Christmas parties.
Wednesday 19th December  Cup assembly. Last day of term.