Corr! Curriculum

Corr! curiculum to be released soon… the children in both Framfield and Blackboys schools are going to have a special launch of this amazing curriculum booklet. We aim to introduce it to all the children and their families on Empty Classroom Day Friday 19th June… watch this space.

  1. Run around in the rain
  2. Fly a kite
  3. Make a daisy chain
  4. Play in the snow
  5. Visit a farm
  6. Make a grass trumpet
  7. To catch a fish with a net
  8. Hunt for bugs
  9. Find some frogspawn
  10. Catch a falling leaf
  11. Discover what's in a pond
  12. Make a home for a wild animal
  13. Bring up a butterfly
  14. Plant it, grow it, eat it/ sell it
  15. Climb a tree
  16. Play conkers
  17. Make a trail with sticks
  18. Make a mud pie
  19. Create some wild art
  20. Go bird watching
  21. Prepare food for someone else
  22. Build a sandcastle
  23. Plant a sunflower seed and measure its growth
  24. To sit quietly and listen to bird song
  25. Hunt for fossils and bones
  1. Help someone in our local community
  2. Go to the public library
  3. Meet an author
  4. Learn how to make bread
  5. Perform in public
  6. Visit a castle and dress up in a role play
  7. Contribute to a piece of community art
  8. Make a snow angel
  9. Dress up as a book character
  10. Learn some weaving
  11. Make a cake
  12. Catch helicopters from a sycamore tree
  13. Create something useful from recycled items
  14. Build a den
  15. Skim a stone
  16. Pick blackberries in the wild
  17. Hold a scary beast
  18. Learn how to sew (and make a bookmark)+
  19. Put on a puppet show
  20. Make your own kite
  21. Paint a pebble
  22. Hunt for a 4 leaf clover
  23. Take a pet to school for the day
  24. Make a twig star Christmas decoration
  25. Do a drumming workshop
  1. Visit a museum
  2. Represent the school in a competition
  3. Make a hanging basket/ flower tub
  4. Meet a famous sportsman/ sports woman/ actor/singer
  5. Say good morning in five languages
  6. Make and eat your own pizza
  7. Experience school and home life in Victorian times
  8. Learn to swim 25metres +
  9. Visit a local historical building e.g. Bridge Cottage, Uckfield
  10. Compose and perform your own music
  11. Go on public transport
  12. Go to a restaurant
  13. Take part in a church service
  14. Visit the South Downs
  15. Do something to support a charity
  16. Learn a musical instrument
  17. Sing in a choir
  18. Learn a well - known poem by heart
  19. Receive an award in public
  20. Check out crazy creatures in a rock pool
  21. Meet people working in different professions
  22. Take part in a debate
  23. Jump in muddy puddles
  24. Pray for a friend in need
  25. Roll down a really big hill
  1. Go star gazing
  2. Go on a nature walk at night
  3. Find your way with a map and a compass
  4. Try rock climbing
  5. Cook on a campfire
  6. Canoe down a river
  7. Try dry ski slope skiing
  8. Climb a huge hill
  9. Have a chance to sleep away from home
  10. Visit another country
  11. Take part in a street parade
  12. Watch an orchestra performance
  13. Visit an art gallery
  14. Make a clay sculpture
  15. Make a film
  16. Learn about Parliament and meet the local MP
  17. Visit Chichester cathedral
  18. Communicate with a school abroad
  19. Complete a Bikeability course
  20. Make a school newspaper
  21. Go to the theatre
  22. Have a conversation with someone over 70 about life when they were your age
  23. Memorize a Bible verse
  24. Learn about Shakespeare
  25. Make a time capsule
  26. To experience the talents of at least one outstanding teacher