Sports Day Blog

On the 4th of July Blackboys School had a inter house athletics competition for charity. Every year were split into girls and boys in our year groups, for heats. And, on the end of the day, in groups children did charity stalls and then they would send to a chosen charity. Originally, the annual sports day was meant to commence on Thursday the 30th, but due to local weather we had to postpone the day. Yet thankfully, it was a great call, because the day we did it was hot but the sun rays weren’t harsh enough to inflict us sun burn.

So, on Monday, we set out our gazebos for the houses, set out the chairs for the adults, and had our stalls pre setup for the end of the day then sports day was ready to start. Mr Sullivan blew the first whistle and we were off. Six receptions ran their hardest to the race line and it was great. Children in their houses of all ages, which ranged from four to eleven. At first the competition was tight, very tight.  Each house getting points for wins. But, at the end it wasn’t tight, not at all. But St Richard won by quite a way, we won by 35 points! But at the end we were all happy and it was fair play. After a long speech by Mrs King the year sixes started their stalls for charity, overall the school raised more than a £100 pounds! In all it was a very successful day for everybody there including the parents who fell over!

Sports Day

Written by Malo Bourgeois, Year 6.