Swimming Gala!

The official BLACKBOYS swimming gala was a real hit. It is a really fun competition that everyone can enjoy. Our winners were the red team! I am blogging about the official school swimming gala. We started with our width swimmers for the best day of the year EVER. The races included: front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and t-shirt race. Then there were the lengths races that were the same as the width races but instead of a t-shirt race they had the raft race. Before the raft race there were the relays. The teams were:

Red: Jasmine, Malo, Katy, April

Yellow: Megan, Rosie, Jemma, Emily

Blue: Thomas, Ryan, Oliver, Isla

Green: Jessica, Taite, Oliver, Jamie

Everyone had so much fun and thank you to all the teachers for setting up the gala and to our magnificent lifeguard.