Term 1 & 2 Newsletter – Class 2

Houses and Homes

A big, warm welcome to Class 2! I hope you all had some lovely family time in the sun this summer and feel ready for the year ahead. We have already had such a great start to the school year and I know we’re going to achieve so much and have lots of fun along the way!

Just a reminder that the class will be taught by Mrs Sullivan on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, with Mrs Nobes taking the children on Wednesdays and Mrs Hall on Thursdays.  This is initially until Christmas and you will be updated should this situation change at any time.

We have started our learning this year with a lovely book called “My Beautiful Voice” which has inspired the children to do some very creative writing.  Please look out for this writing in the corridor the next time you are in school.

We have also enjoyed a spiritual day in our House groups looking at the Big Frieze which accompanies our Understanding Christianity resource that is used for the Christianity parts of our RE lessons.  Each house group has re-created part of the Big Story of the Bible and this will be on display in the Hall for everyone to enjoy.

Our learning continues this term with some exciting themes in each of our subjects:


In Maths we shall be looking at place value of numbers within 20 for Year 1 and upto 200 for Year 2.  Following this we will be focusing on addition and subtraction, including recognising and adding money.  We will then end the term by learning about multiplication, with Year 1s increasing their understanding of numbers up to 50.


In History, we will be learning about how houses have changed throughout history from the Celts up to the modern day.  After half term, we will be learning about the Great Fire of London and making links between what we know about how houses were made and why the fire spread so quickly.  We will be trying to answer the enquiry questions: Why was there a “Great” fire of London? And Has London burned since?


In Science this term we will be learning about everyday materials and learning the difference between objects and the materials they are made from.  We will be sorting and grouping materials and testing the properties of these materials.


In Music, we are going to use a BBC unit called “No Place Like” by composer Kerry Andrew which involves us responding to music and composing our own piece about the places that we live.


In PSHE, using the Jigsaw scheme, the children will be thinking about and discussing what it means to Be Me in My World before Celebrating Differences in term 2.


In Phonics this year, the Year 1 children will be taught by Mrs Sullivan and Mrs Pomfret and the Year 2 children will be taught by Ms Butler.  Monster Phonics is structured in a Year group system rather a phase system, but there is scope within each year group for extra support or challenge depending on the child.  Please come along to our Parent Workshop on Wednesday 21st September to find out more about how we teach Phonics at Blackboys and how you can support your child at home.


In Literacy we shall be looking at two lovely picture books.  The first is “The Something” by Rebecca Cobb, which is about a hole in a little boy’s garden and the imaginative ideas his family has about what might be in the hole.  The second book is “House Held up by Trees” by Ted Kooser, which looks at what happens to a well-loved house when the people who live there grow old and eventually have to move away.  Both books should inspire some fantastic creative writing.


We will be using a few Geography skills this term when we look at maps of the local area and where the houses in our village are.


In RE we will be learning about how Christians say thank you to God, what Christians think God is like and why Christmas matters to Christians.


In Art, we will be learning how to draw using different medium, such as: pencils, wax crayons, pens and charcoal.  We will put these skills together to make sketches of the houses in the local area.


Later in the term we will be doing a DT project to learn how buildings can be strengthened by the way they are built.  We will be using this knowledge to design and make a house for the three little pigs to keep them safe from the big bad wolf!


PE will be taught by All Star Soccer, who will be teaching the children football skills.  These sessions will be on a Tuesday morning.  Then on a Thursday afternoon, Mrs Hall will be teaching the children Striking and Fielding skills.  Please ensure that your child has appropriate PE Kit ready on those two days.  Tracksuit bottoms or leggings won’t be needed until after the October half term, so please ensure your child has a pair of shorts to wear before then.


Your child will have a Home Learning Book and will be set a selection of Maths questions to work through each week, which will cover a variety of Maths topics.  They will also have one of their common exception words to learn, practising writing it and putting it into a sentence.


Every child should be reading for a minimum of 10-15 minutes each evening. This is perhaps the most important piece of homework! Remember to discuss the book, pick out favourite words, retell the story and make the reading fun! Remember that your child does not need to read really challenging books at home – any more than 5 mistakes on a page and the book is too hard! This is the ‘five finger rule’ that we use in class. If your child is tired, support them by reading together or just sharing a book and talking about the characters, plot, setting – this is very important when learning to read.

Your child will bring home a Phonics decodable book, either a Monster Phonics book or a Dandelion Reader.  These will be changed on a Friday during your child’s Phonics lesson so please make sure they have these books in their book bags to facilitate this happening.  They will also be able to choose 2-3 book banded readers to bring home.  The children will choose these independently and when they feel the books are becoming too easy they can choose a book from the next level up. They are able to change these whenever they need to and this will happen at the end of each day.  You may of course read your own books and books that you have borrowed from the library.

All reading should be recorded on the Reading Record Booklet and then brought to school to be stamped – a certificate will be given in Thursday assemblies for each completed booklet.


Your child will be having many low-stakes spelling tests throughout their Monster Phonics sessions.  These will be words that have been looked at and broken down during the lessons.  There will not be a formal list of words to learn at home, however, if you would like to practise spellings, please see the lists of common exception words on the website that the children need to be able to spell by the end of Year 1 and Year 2.


Please continue to work on Mathletics at home.  Mr Boorman will be running a parent workshop on Maths, in particular how to use Mathletics effectively at home, so please come along to refresh your skills.  This will take place on Wednesday 5th October.



Please check that all of your child’s uniform is clearly labelled with their name – this saves so much time when trying to sort out clothing!

Water Bottles

Please send a named bottle of water for your child to drink in class.  The bottles will be kept in a box in the classroom to eliminate distractions on the tables, but the children are encouraged to drink regularly throughout the day.  It is important to remind your child to take bottles home everyday to ensure they are clean and hygienic.


Your child will have all the stationery they need provided for them.   There is no need for the children to bring in pencil cases from home, however if they do bring in their own stationery, then I must insist that the pencil case is small enough to fit into their tray so that the tables are clear for cleaning at the end of the day.

Key Dates

Wednesday 21st September – Phonics Workshop for parents

Tuesday 27th September – Harvest Festival at Framfield Church (parents welcome)

Thursday 29th September – Flu vaccinations (please give consent for your child to be vaccinated)

Wednesday 5th October – Maths Workshop for parents

Monday 17th October & Wednesday 19th October – Parents’ consultation evenings

Friday 21st October – End of term 1

Monday 31st October – Start of term 2 and School Photos

Friday 4th November – Class trip to Anne of Cleves House in Lewes

Friday 16th December – Cup Assembly and end of term 2

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at hsullivan@blackboys.e-sussex.sch.uk

Many thanks

Mrs Sullivan