Term 1 & 2 Newsletter – Class 3

The Romans

Dear all,

Hello and welcome back to school! I hope you all had a lovely summer break and are settling back into the school routine. I am delighted to be back with all the children and look forward to getting to know them all getting their Class 3 adventure underway.


In term 1 we will be looking at the book ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker and ‘How to be a Roman Solider’ by Fiona McDonald in term 2. Journey is a beautifully illustrated picture book and provides lots of opportunities for some creative thinking and writing and fits within the adventure and fantasy genre. ‘How to be a Roman Solider’ fits with our theme of Romans and provides opportunities for nonfiction reports all about the Romans and diary entries from the point of view of a Roman solider. We will also be focusing heavily on sentence structure in these first two terms as well as recapping and consolidation of the spelling, grammar and punctuation they learnt in Key Stage 1. Year 3 famously sees the beginning of the opportunity to receive a pen licence, so we will also spend time on cursive letter formation discretely as well as consistently within every subject.

Our whole class reading text for term 1 and 2 will be Bill’s New Frock by Anne Fine.


In Maths we start the year by looking at place value, with numbers up to 1,000 before moving onto addition and subtraction, eventually moving to adding and subtracting three-digit numbers. In term 2 we will carry on with addition and subtraction before moving onto multiplication and division and looking at the 3, 4- and 8-times tables as new learning in Year 3. We will also spend time each lesson recapping and building on the children’s mental maths skills. For the first few terms this will include a recap of the 2,5 and 10 times table as well as number bonds to 20.


In DT we will be looking studying Roman chariots, with the end result being that the children construct their own. This topic encompasses learning about axles and wheels and the importance of designing and evaluating a product.


Our RE topic for term 1 is around the big question of ‘What do Christians learn from the Creation story?’ Term 2 will include two big questions – ‘What different things do people believe about how the world began’ and ‘How do artists help us to understand Christmas?’


We will start our history in Class 3 by recapping all events studied in Key Stage 1 to ensure that children have a strong understanding of how everything they have studied so far links chronologically. After this, we will delve into learning about the Romans. Our first question we will explore is ‘When did the Romans come to Britain and did everyone want them there?’ which will look at where the Romans based themselves in the UK and the conflict with the Celts. We will then move onto exploring our second question in term 2, ‘How did the Romans influence life in Britain’? with a focus on the Roman roads and bath houses.


In computing this term will be looking at securing our navigation skills in terms of saving files as well as improving our proficiency using Microsoft Word and typing skills. In term 2 will be exploring and building on our knowledge of algorithms and debugging as well as looking at the negative effects of the use of digital resources for too long.


In PE, children will be focusing on striking and fielding games in term 1 and gymnastics in term 2.


We will be working through the No-Nonsense Spelling programme which will focus on suffixes and prefixes as well as homophones. Children will also spend time on their personal spelling lists which will have been created for them. These spelling lists will be available for the children in the next couple weeks, with a view to being tested on these after half-term.


We will be spending terms 1 and 2 recapping our phonics from Year 2. We will be continuing to use Monster Phonics which the children were introduced to last year.


Our science topic for term 1 will be Rocks. We will be exploring the different types of rocks as well as fossils, learning how they are formed and looking at examples. We will have a short case study on Mary Anning, learning about her contributions to palaeontology before moving on to look at soil and an investigation regarding the permeability of different soils. Our topic for term 2 will be Light. We will be looking at recognising the difference between light and dark and investigating reflective surfaces, including mirrors. We will also be learning about translucent, transparent and opaque materials alongside the role of shadows.


Our first two terms has a heavy history focus with the Romans and much of the learning will naturally be a combination of both history and geography. We will focus discretely on recapping the UK countries and cities as well as the surrounding seas, particularly those areas with a Roman past.


Our art topic starts with a focus on creating art for the Harvest festival; the children will be experimenting with pastels and chalks to design, draw and shade a Harvest scene. We will then move onto honing our drawing skills just using pencil and the importance of shading with a pencil. In term 2 we will move onto learning about Roman mosaics before experimenting with different ways to make one, before then creating our own Roman mosaic.


For PHSE in term 1 we will be exploring what it means to be ‘Me’ in the world before moving onto ‘Celebrating Differences’ with a focus on antibullying in term 2.


Children will have their weekly singing lessons on a Wednesday afternoon with Mrs Bayman. We will also be looking the piece of music ‘O Fortuna’ which ties into our Roman topic, where children will have the opportunity to create their own pieces of music and learn musical language.


In French for terms 1 and 2 we will be learning how to greet one another in French before moving onto ‘all about me’ which will include learning colours and classroom instructions.

PE kits

Please make sure children have named PE kits in school; they are expected to wear shorts up until October half term and then tracksuit bottoms can be worn after the half term. Thank you.


Your children will each have an appropriately chosen reading book that will be sent home with them and they are able to change these books are regularly as necessary. We expect children to read every night, even if it is only for a short while. Please continue to record all reading in their Reading Records. The Reading Records will be stamped once a page is completed. Children will receive a certificate in assembly when they fill up their Reading Record. We will be checking children’s Reading Records once a week, so please do make sure it is in their schoolbags.

We would be delighted if any parents or carers are able to come in and listen to children read. It is always helpful for children to read to an adult as often as possible so we would welcome any volunteers.


Homework is to be completed once a week and children will be able to choose a piece of homework from a Homework menu. Children will have orange Homework books that will be handed out to children to take home on a Wednesday afternoon and will be expected back in school on a Monday morning. The Homework options for the term will be stuck in their books as well as their logins for TTRockstars, Purple Mash and Mathletics.

TT Rockstars/Mathletics

You will be familiar with Mathletics from last year and we encourage children to continue to work on Mathletics at home. I will not be setting any particular tasks on Mathletics, but the planning grid will help you to see where children are in their learning and therefore practice the skills that they have been learning at school. Children will also be able to use TT Rockstars (Times Tables Rockstars), which is a carefully sequenced program of daily times tables practice. The 3, 4 and 8 times tables are new learning for our Year 3 children, but revision of the 2, 5 and 10 times table would be beneficial for children especially this half of term. As mentioned, children’s logins will be sorted out and given to them so that they can use TT Rockstars at home. If you need these to be sent to you at any point in the year, please let me know.


Please make sure children’s names are on their uniform so that we know exactly who owns what! In Class 3 children are expected to wear ties with their winter uniform. Please make sure your child has a tie and that it is named.

Water bottles

Please make sure your child’s water bottle is clearly named and that they bring them home with them every day.

Forest School

Class 3 will have Forest School on a Thursday afternoon. A rota will have been shared with you regarding which week your child will be participating in Forest School. Please make sure to check this carefully to ensure your child has all the necessary gear with them in school on the day that they have Forest School.

Important dates

Thursday 22nd September - PTA AGM at 7pm

Tuesday 27th September - Harvest Festival at Framfield Church

Wednesday 5th October - Parents Maths Workshop led by Mr Boorman (more details to come nearer the time)

Monday 17th and Wednesday 19th October - Parents' evenings

Friday 21st October – Last day of Term 1

Monday 31st October - School Photos

Monday 14th November – School trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace (further details to come)

Friday 16th December - Cup Assembly and last day of Term 2


Please do come up and chat at the end of the day or email me if you have any questions


Many thanks,

Miss Reis