Term 5 & 6 Newsletter – Class 2

Predators and Prey

Welcome back! We hope you have had a restful holiday and haven’t eaten too much chocolate!  The theme of our work this term is Predators and Prey.

As always, if there are any questions please just ask. 


Mrs Sullivan, Mrs Nobes, Mrs Hall and Mrs Pomfret


In Maths, we shall we starting with a unit about position and direction, learning about how to describe movement and turning.  We move onto learning about telling the time, which will be most useful for the Year 2s as they take their KS1 SATs tests in May.  Following this we will continue with the measurement theme and look at weight, volume, mass, capacity and temperature.  Term 6 will be set aside for consolidating what we have learnt and applying our calculation skills in problem solving contexts.


In science we will be classifying animals into their groups, eg birds, reptiles, mammals etc, deciding which animals are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and looking at basic food chains.  I am looking into the possibility of a trip to Drusillas for Term 6 to learn more about what different animals eat.


PSHE this term will focus on relationships with our families, our friends and ourselves, followed by a unit on how we are changing as we grow up, becoming more independent and responsible.


In Music, we will be listening to The Firebird by Stravinsky and Carnival of the Animals by Saint Sans and responding to them in art and by making our own music.


In Geography we will be learning about the four nations that make up the United Kingdom and what is special about them.  We will start by recapping previous learning about the compass and directional language before delving into some exciting map work to learn the capital cities of the four nations and the seas that surround us.


Please continue to support your child in completing their Maths homework each week.  Most topics that come up on the homework sheets should have been covered now, so please encourage your child to have a go at answering the questions.

Don’t forget that they also need to keep practising the Common Exception Words that are listed at the front of the Home Learning book.

Please don’t forget to keep hearing your child read.  Although we have several volunteers who listen to the children reading, for them to make real progress with reading they need to be doing it every day.  Mrs Pomfret is eager to produce a certificate for those children who bring in their completed reading booklet.  Your child doesn’t just need to read the Phonics book they bring home, but can supplement this with the old book band books we have in class as well as any other books they may have at home or from the library.  Any time they read can be recorded in the reading booklet and can count towards getting a certificate.


During May, the Year 2 children will undertake their KS1 SATs tests.  These are in the same format as the assessments we do towards the end of each big term and will take place in the classroom in the same way. The purpose of the tests is to inform my teacher assessment of the children as to whether they are working at the expected standard for Year 2 at the end of KS1.  The test results are looked at alongside the work your child has done in class throughout the year and can help to confirm my judgements.  The test results are not reported, although the teacher assessments are reported to the Local Authority.  All judgements that I make about your children are moderated with KS1 teachers across the county before being reported.  There is nothing for your child to be worried about whilst doing these tests. Click here for more info.


In English we shall be studying the book “There’s a Lion in my Cornflakes” by Michelle Robinson and Jim Field and then “Zoo” by Anthony Browne.  We will be focusing on persuasive writing with these stories, but also looking at writing a non-chronological report linking with predators and prey.  The focus is on tightening up the basic skills for Literacy, in particular using capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks and question marks, writing coherent sentences and making sure we are making good spelling choices.

Our whole class reading text for Term 5 is Rabbit and Bear the Pest in the Nest, and for Term 6 is a Ladybird version of the Jungle Book.


In RE we will be learning about the parables that Jesus told in term 5, and we will be learning about Framfield Church in term 6.  We hope to have a trip to the church to see what all the different parts look like.


In Art we will be painting and using paint to make sure we understand how to mix colours from the primary colours and how we can make different shades of colour.  We will use these skills to recreate Henri Rousseau’s painting “Tiger in a Tropical Storm (Surprised!)”


In DT we will be learning about fruit and vegetables, tasting some and designing and making a smoothie.


In P.E. we welcome Sports Cool who will be teaching the children about some different sports. Mrs Hall will continue to teach PE on a Thursday and she will be focusing on athletics in term 5 and striking and fielding games in term 6.   Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit for these lessons.  They will no longer require a tracksuit so will need a pair of shorts and are expected to wear a school jumper should they feel cold.  If your child takes part in an after school club, please ensure that they return their PE Kit to school the following day.

Forest School

It is Class 2’s turn for Forest School this term. Please refer to the letter you received before Easter as to the dates for your child’s group.  Please remember to send

appropriate clothing into school on these dates so that your child can fully participate in the sessions.

To enable the children to go to the woods for their sessions, we need to have 2 volunteers each week to help Mrs Godfrey.  At the time of writing, we don’t have any volunteers for any session.  If you are able to help out on a Thursday afternoon from 1-3.15, please let the office know and they can add your name to the sign-up list.  Alternatively, add your name to the list that is displayed by Class 2’s fire door.

Key Dates

Sunday 30th April – PTA Spring Tidy Up of the School grounds

Tuesday 2nd May – Phonics Screening Parents Information meeting

May – KS1 SATs testing period

Thursday 25th May – Team Rubicon Scooter Day

W/b 12th June – KS1 Phonics Screening

Wednesday 28th June – Sports Day

Wednesday 5th July – Reserve Sports Day

Friday 7th July – Possible trip to Drusillas (tbc)

Wednesday 12th July – Whole School Performance

Thursday 13th July – Whole School Performance

Thursday 20th July – End of Year

Phonics Screening

During the week beginning Monday 12th June, the Year 1 children (and any Year 2s who didn’t pass their screen last year) will take part in the Phonics Screening check.  The purpose of the screening check is to see where the children have got to with their phonics and to help us as a school to put in place any future support with regards to phonics.  The children have had several practises throughout the year, so will be very familiar with the format and set-up of the screening check.