Term 5 & 6 Newsletter – Class 4


Our theme for these two terms is Empire. We will be thinking about the questions, ‘How did the British Empire impact the lives of its inhabitants?’ And ‘Why was slavery abolished in the British Empire?’ We will be finding out about where, why and how the British Empire worked, who the East India Company were and what they did and what the role the Empire had to play in slavery. We will also be looking into how the British Empire effected different countries and thinking critically about whether the Empire was a good thing or not.


During whole class reading this term we will be reading ‘Charlotte’s Web’ by E.B White. These sessions give the class an opportunity to read a book together, practice reading aloud with expression, and answer comprehension style questions.


This term we will be continuing with our work on decimals. The year 4s will then move onto looking at money whilst the year 5s continue working on fractions, decimals and percentages. At the end of term 5, we will be looking at charts and graphs before moving onto shapes and angles in term 6. We will be continuing to work hard on our times tables knowledge, which is particularly important for year 4s due to their upcoming multiplication check.


This term we will be considering the questions, ‘What kind of a King was Jesus?’ and in term 6, ‘Who is Mohammed and what do Muslims learn from him?’ along with ‘What do Muslims believe about the origins and authority of the Qur’an?’


This term in art we are looking at the skill of collage.


Our DT topic this term is mechanisms where we will be looking at linkages.


Alongside our weekly singing practice with Mrs Bayman, we will be continuing our regular recorder sessions. The children are to have their own recorders which can be kept in their trays at school.


To start off term 5, we will be studying the poem ‘Windrush Child’ by John Agard, before moving onto reading ‘Henry’s Freedom Box’ by Ellen Levine which tells a true story about a child on the underground railway. In term 6, we will be moving onto the great book ‘Journey to Jo’burg’ by Beverley Naidoo. The children will be undertaking reading and writing tasks inspired by these books. We will also be continuing regular handwriting practice.


During these terms we will be using the No-Nonsense Spelling programme which covers the grammar and spelling objectives for year 4 and 5. The children will also have statutory spelling words that they will work on at home.


In term 5 and 6 in science we will be studying evolution, adaptation and inheritance which will involve looking at how plants and animals adapt in different environments and how things have changed overtime.


For PSHE, we follow the Jigsaw scheme of work. In term 5, we our topic will be ‘Relationships’ and in term 6 we will be looking at ‘Changing Me’.


For both term 5 and 6, we will return to our regular athletics lessons with All Star Soccer on a Tuesday afternoon. In term 5 we are lucky enough to have weekly sessions with Sussex Cricket on a Wednesday. In term 6, this will be replaced by other “striking and fielding” games such as rounders and stoolball on a Friday morning. Full PE kit is expected.


This term in computing we will be working on spreadsheets on Purple Mash in term 5 and advancing our powerpoint skills in term 6.


Mrs Page will be continuing to work on our French skills this term. We will start by covering shopping and money before moving onto food and drink.


1. Each term a spelling list made up of the statutory words for year 4 and 5 will be sent home. As well as spending time on the list at home, these will be worked on in school every Friday using dictation sentences.

2. Reading is required every night which is to be shown in their reading records. We are also encouraging the children to read a variety of books that will challenge them; these can be from school or from home. A completed reading record is to be returned to me and in return a reading certificate will be received in assembly. We expect children to be independent in choosing their reading books and taking it home, but if you feel your child needs extra support with this, please let me know.

3. On Thursdays, the children will be sent home with a homework menu for the term. Each week the children will select one task to complete. This is to be handed back in on a Tuesday. This homework will be completed in their home learning books.

4. Mathletics work will also be set every week on the same days as above.

Please do contact me or come and see me after school if you have any queries.

Many thanks!

Miss Mayhew