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Class 1 Spring Term

Dear Parents,

We have had a wonderful term 3 learning about nocturnal animals. Our topic for term 4 is called ‘An African Adventure’. The children will mostly be focusing on Kenya. They will be learning about the different animals that live in Kenya, the fruit that grows there and we will also be learning more about the Maasai tribe. The children will be tasting fruit and making fruit kebabs. As part of the ‘Fab Festival’ we will be creating sunset paintings and exploring African patterns. The children will also have the opportunity to learn and perform an African dance.


The children will be exploring books with an animal or African theme but our literacy work will be based around a lovely book called ‘Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion’ by Alex. T Smith. Please can I ask that if possible please avoid looking at this book with your child so that we can keep the book a secret in class. Our writing focus for reception children is to gain more confidence to use their phonics to write and read simple words and sentences independently. Y1 focus will be on non-fiction and story writing and gaining confidence in their phonics for extended, independent writing.


Every child should be reading for a minimum of 10-15 minutes every day. Remember to discuss the book, pick out favourite words, re-tell the story and make reading fun!  Children will be able to change their books every Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. The children choose their books from specific coloured boxes; we are encouraging the children to be more independent when choosing their book.

Can we also remind you that when 6 pages of the reading record has been filled in your child will receive a reading certificate during Thursday morning assembly. Parents are always welcome to attend this assembly.

Thursday assembly also incorporates a collection for charity so please may I ask if your child can bring a small donation (spare change) on this day so they can put money into this collection.  Many Thanks.

Year R - 9:05-9:20 Monday morning - Share a Book!!

Please do come along to these sessions to share a book with your child and a small group. The children really enjoy these sessions and the more the merrier. If you have younger siblings they are welcome to join the fun.


In Maths we will be focusing on:

  • Counting forwards and backwards from 0-20
  • Counting forwards and backwards to and across 100 (Year 1 only)
  • Read, write and ordering numbers from 0-20 with accuracy
  • Read, write and order numbers from 0-100 (Year 1 only)
  • 1 more and 1 less-focusing on rapid recall
  • 10 more and 10 less (Year 1)
  • Addition and Subtraction 0-10 and above for Year 1
  • Shape- 2 D and 3 D
  • Measurement- capacity, weight and length

Please encourage your child to use ‘mathletics’ as regularly as possible at home to help develop their maths skills. This was very popular last year and the children loved receiving certificates for points earned!

Forest School


All children will be continuing their daily phonics sessions. Please do continue to help your child practice reading and writing the sounds from their appropriate phase. It’s extremely important that your child practices phonics at home. Please help your child to read and write words using their phonics sound mat which has been sent home and is in your child’s book bag.


Spellings & Reading

Year 1

This half term we will be sending home 2 sentences that include the year 1 common exception words. Could you please read this sentence to your child for them to write to help with spelling and sentence structure? The sentences may be a little creative in include the common exception words.

Thank you for your support with this.


I the and
a to in
he it was
is at no
go she into
we me be
my you they
her all are

Please help your child to read and write these words as fluently as possible. These words are called ‘tricky words’ which means your child will see and be asked to read these words frequently. Please only focus on 6 words at a time, once your child is secure they will move onto the next 6 words in the list.

Thank you for your support with this.

Please do come and see me if you have any queries about the above home learning task.


PE Kit

P.E. lessons are on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons. Please make

sure your child has their full P.E. kit in school and is clearly named. Also for term 3 and 4 we are lucky enough to have Zara Breeze coming in to school to teach Gymnastics and Dance on Tuesday mornings.


Please check that your child’s uniform is clearly labelled with their name.

Water Bottles

Please send a named bottle of water for your child to drink in class. Children are able to drink from the water fountain but having a water bottle is a lot easier.

Welly Stand and Mud Kitchen

We have a welly stand and a mud kitchen in our outside area. Please can you bring in a pair of wellies to leave at school so that your child can use the mud kitchen and able to still go outside on wet days.


  • African artefacts
  • African sarongs/scarves/clothing- for our role play
  • African animals small world play
  • African non-fiction books

Preferably these items will be unwanted but if you would like the items returned to you please make sure they are named.

If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to come and speak with me after school or email me at sbooth@blackboysprimary.co.uk, jnobes@blackboysprimary.co.uk.

Many thanks

Mrs Booth and Mrs Nobes

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