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Term 1 & 2 Newsletter – Class 4

Welcome back to school and the start of an exciting year. I hope everyone had a lovely and restful summer break. It’s great to see everyone back in school and the children so enthusiastic and excited about their learning this term. The year 5s have the brilliant opportunity of PGL coming up, which is sure to be a great week. Whilst we are away, it will be business as usual in class for the year 4s, who will be taught by a mixture of Mr Sullivan and Mrs Page, supported by Mrs Vance. I’m really excited for what is already looking to be a fantastic year!

Miss Mayhew


History & Geography

Our theme for both of these terms will be the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Our key questions are ‘What happened when the Romans left Britain?’ and ‘Did the Vikings deserve their reputation?’ We will begin by studying the Anglo Saxons settlement in Britain and what life was like once the Romans left. Following on from this after half term, we will be looking at Viking invasions finishing with the Battle of Hastings in 1066.


Our whole class reading book this term is Ted Hughes’s ‘The Iron Man’. These sessions give the class an opportunity to read a book together, practice reading aloud with expression and answer comprehension style questions. 


We will start the year by learning about place value and number which are the building blocks of maths. After half term we will be looking at calculating with the four operations. We will also be having a big focus on times tables throughout the year, which children should be practicing at home regularly. 


This term we will be considering the questions, ‘What does it mean if God is holy and loving?’ and ‘Was Jesus the Messiah?’ 


Before half term we will be working on our drawing skills, with a particular focus on making some brilliant harvest artwork to decorate the church with at the harvest festival.


This term we will be looking at mechanical systems in DT. 


Alongside our regular singing sessions with Mrs Bayman each week, we will be learning some Anglo-Saxon songs this term. 


Before half term, we will be looking at the famous Old English poem, Beowulf, which is an Anglo-Saxon story. The children will be looking at various different versions of the story, including a Michael Morpurgo novel, which is going to inspire them to produce some amazing writing. After half term, we will be focusing on the text ‘Viking Boy’. This is a great story which links in nicely with our theme as it looks at different aspects of Viking life and culture. We will also be doing handwriting practice and encouraging those who still need to earn their pen licences. 


During these terms we will be using a structured spelling scheme which covers the grammar and spelling objectives for year 4 and 5. The children will also have statutory spelling words that they will work on at home. 


In term 1, we will be learning about forces including gravity, air and water resistance before moving onto learning about earth and space in term 2.


PSHE lessons will be taught using the Jigsaw scheme of work. In the first term we will be looking at the piece ‘Being Me in My World.’ After half term, our topic will be ‘Celebrating differences’. 


We will be having our regular PE lessons with All Star Soccer, learning about invasion games, such as football. We will also be working on striking and fielding in our other PE lessons. In term 2, this will change to dance. PE sessions will take place on Mondays and Tuesdays. Full PE kit is expected. 


We will continue having weekly French lessons from the excellent Mrs Page this term. 


We will be using purple mash to support our computing learning this term. In term 1 we will be looking at spreadsheets, followed by online safety in term 2.


Each term a spelling list made up of the statutory words for year 4 and 5 will be sent home. As well as spending time on the list at home, these will be worked on in school every Friday using dictation sentences. 

Reading is required every night which is to be shown in their reading records. We are also encouraging the children to read a variety of books that will challenge them; these can be from school or from home. A completed reading record is to be returned to me and in return a reading certificate will be received in assembly. We expect children to be independent in choosing their reading books and taking it home, but if you feel your child needs extra support with this, please let me know.

On Wednesdays, the children will be sent home with a homework menu for the term. Each week the children will select one task to complete. This is to be handed back in on a Monday. This homework will be completed in their home learning books. 

Mathletics work will also be set every week on the same days as above.

Key Diary Dates

Monday 18th- Friday 22nd September – Year 5/6 trip to PGL 

Thursday 28th September – Year 5/6 PGL assembly 

Wednesday 4th October – Harvest Festival and hike

Wednesday 11th October – Maths workshop

Monday 16th & Wednesday 18th October – Parent Consultations 

Friday 20th October – End of term 1 

Monday 30th October – Start of term 2 and school photos 

Friday 15th December – Cup assembly and end of term 2 

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