The music curriculum at St Thomas a Becket intends to provide rich experiences and opportunities for the whole child, no matter their skills and abilities. The curriculum is designed to develop children’s skills sequentially and is easily differentiated to suit the variety of needs. Activities enable children to build on prior learning and progress as they move through to school.  We strive to inspire them with a lifelong love of music by providing a broad and exciting musical content from a variety of genres, cultures and periods in history. Children have the opportunity to play tuned and unturned instruments throughout their school journey including opportunities to learn musical notation as well as playing and improvising.  Their learning is made purposeful through musical performances where their learning is celebrated.  This builds their confidence and independence in more than just their musical ability. Children are often inspired to take up additional musical instrument lessons both in and out of school.  We go beyond the national curriculum for music due to the range and depth of the content we provide.