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Term 1 Newsletter – Class 3

Welcome back to school and the start of what I am sure will be a very exciting year. The class are already very excited about our learning for this term and have returned with wonderful attitudes to school and learning. I am looking forward to a fantastic term with both the class and I getting settled in our new classroom. We are already off to a fantastic start of the term and I have no doubt this will continue!

Term 1 and 2

For both of these terms, our overarching theme will be the Romans, looking at the Roman invasions and the impact this had on Britain.


In Literacy we are looking at ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker, which is a wordless book, allowing us to work heavily on inference and description and after half term, ‘Avoid being a Roman Soldier’ by David Stewart which links nicely to our theme. In class we will be working towards the spelling objectives for year 3 and working on our handwriting, with pen licenses as our end goal!


We are starting by looking at solids, liquids, gases and the changes of state. This then leads into our topic for after half term which is the water cycle.


This term we are learning about counties and cities in the UK, looking at case studies from both Kent and Northumbria.


“What do Christians learn from the Creation story?” is our question for this half of the term before we look at “What different things do people believe about how the world began?” and “How do artists help us to understand Christmas?”


Our topic for the term is “Being me in the world”, before moving on to looking at “Celebrating difference”, with a focus on anti-bullying.


We are following the No Nonsense Spelling programme in school, which covers the spelling and grammar patterns in line with the requirements for year 3.


We are starting off by looking at place value and number, before moving on to addition and subtraction and then multiplication and division. As a class we are currently learning our 3 times tables, then we will progress to the 4 times table.


Our focus is on Romans for both terms, first focusing on life in Britain before and after the Roman invasions and then looking more specifically at key historic figures and battles.


Our topic in art for before the half term is drawing, looking at artists and their styles before moving on to look at collage and creating their own work after the half term.


All Star Soccer are leading one of the PE sessions each week which will be football based with the other session striking and fielding.


We are starting off with some revision on using Word, saving work, typing longer pieces of work and developing typing speed. After half term the focus are algorithms and then some basic coding of inputting directions into a programme.


  1. Spelling lists will be sent home. These will be a selection of words from the year 3 statutory word list. These words will then be assessed on Fridays in the form of dictation sentences.
  2. A homework menu whereby children select a menu item each week and complete the work in their homework book. The homework will be send home on a Thursday and collected in on a Tuesday
  3. Mathletics work will also be set weekly, following the same days as above.
  4. Reading is also required nightly which is to be filled in on the reading record- the reading books can be from home or from school.

This term we also have forest school. The class has been split in two, with each child participating fortnightly.

PE: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Forest school: Thursdays

Let’s have a fantastic term!

Miss Sanderson

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