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Term 3 & 4 Newsletter – Class 3

Welcome back to term 3 and 4 of our school year. We have a very exciting two terms ahead of us. This term has started off quite unexpectedly with all learning being done from home, however I am sure that will not stop us from enjoying our learning and trying our very best.

For the next two terms, we will be looking at the Egyptians which will be a theme in many of our lessons.


We are starting off this term by reading ‘Flat Stanley- the great Egyptian grave robbery’ before moving on to look at ‘An Egyptian Adventure’ by the Histronauts. These are fantastic books and will give opportunity for some excellent writing such as newspaper articles and letter writing. After half term we will be moving on to look at ‘The time-travelling cat and the Egyptian goddess’ and ‘secrets of a sun king’ which are both excellent fiction books full of mystery!


The theme for this term is requirements for life. This will involve looking at the needs of plants, creatures and humans for survival. Following this will be classification and habitats.


We are looking at the questions of ‘Why salt water?’ and ‘What connects Passover to Freedom’ this term before moving on to look at ‘People of God’ and the questions of ‘What is it like to follow God’ and ‘What is the point of Lent’ after half term.


Music for the next two terms is focused around ancient Egypt focusing on the type of music played in ancient civilization and the instruments that were used.


Geography will be focused on in the first term, looking firstly at the continents and oceans before focusing on Africa, then looking more deeply at Egypt and the Nile. This will give the class a good geographical understanding before we move on to look historically at Egypt.


This term we will be covering a few topics: branching databases using purple mash, understanding types of digital platforms and how they are used in society and also increasing typing ability and speed. After half term we will then having a go at creating a maths quiz by imputing instructions and looking at what a digital trail is at the consequences of online actions.


We are carrying on working on multiplication and division before we start work on money and statistics. After half term we will be looking at length and perimeter before starting work on fractions. We are going to continue practising our times tables- particularly focusing on our 8 times tables.


The first topic we are looking at in PSHE is ‘dreams and goals’ which is about setting challenges for ourselves and seeing how we can achieve them and then after half term we will move on to looking at ‘healthy me’.


This term we are practicing our dance and gymnastic skills. Dance will be taught by Miss Zara Breeze who will be coming into school and gymnastics will be taught by Mrs Hall. For the current time whilst we are doing home learning I will be setting some PE home learning in the form of videos or tasks for the children to complete.


The focus for this term is food. We will specifically be looking at foods that compliment each other and the type of food that was grown in Egypt and used in Egyptian feasts.


After half term we will move to look at the historical side of Egypt. This will involve looking at mummification, the pyramids, the Nile, Kings and Queens of the time and hieroglyphics.


We are continuing to work from our spelling scheme ‘No Nonsense Spellings’ which for the next 2 terms is focusing on prefixes and suffixes.

Thank you for all being so understanding during this time. I will be putting out a homework menu when we return to school but for now, please continue with the home learning, all of the class are doing an excellent job and working really hard. I hope to see you all soon.

Miss Sanderson

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