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Term 5 & 6 Newsletter – Class 3


For the next two terms we are reading the book ‘The Abominables’ by Eva Ibbotson which is a great book about a family of yetis. This links to our Geography theme of mountains. It provides a lot of fantastic writing opportunities such as action and adventure writing and Yeti fact files.


Our theme this term will be digestion- looking at teeth and their purpose as well as how each part of the digestive process is important. This leads on nicely to our topic next term of food chains and webs.


This term our question is ‘What kind of world did Jesus want?’ and how we can live a life like this before moving on to ‘Does prayer make a difference?’ and looking at the role of a Vicar after half term.


Our concentration for the next two terms is music appreciation, focusing on ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ by Grieg. This piece of music is about trolls living in mountains which fits nicely in with our theme in literacy and geography.


Our theme for the next two terms will be Mountains. We are starting off by looking at UK Mountains and how mountains are formed before moving on to look at the Himalayas as this links to our literacy book. Finally, we will be learning about mountain exploration.


We are continuing to work on our typing skills before moving on to question whether everything we see online is true. The end of the term will focus on learning to use powerpoint. Next term we are focusing on computer creativity- the children will be filming a short video and then learning how to edit.


We have started this term by looking at length and perimeter. We will be moving on to study fractions. After the half term our topics will be time and measurement and capacity. We are continuing to learn our 8 times tables as well as reinforcing the times tables we have already learnt.  


This term our PSHE topic is relationships which looks at family relationships and friendships. After half term the topic will be Changing Me.


For the next two terms, All Star Soccer Academy are coming in to do athletics. This term our other PE lesson will be net and wall games and after the half term we will be moving on to striking and fielding games.


After the half term, our theme in art will be structures where the children will be experimenting with reinforcing and strengthening structures to ‘Yeti proof’ them.


We are starting by looking at countries before moving on to learning how to say where we live and introductions. The aim is to put together the learning from the year into a short conversation.


We are continuing with the No Nonsense Spelling scheme in school which looks at spelling rules.

A list of 7 spellings will be put in homework books each term which should be learnt alongside homework. These will be tested in school in the form of dictation sentences.  These words will also be on the class page of the school website.


We are working with pottery this term. We are first looking at what pottery is before creating our own design, making it and then evaluating our work.

Homework will start again this term. A homework menu and mathletics login will be in the front of homework books. Each week, homework books will be given out on Thursday- the children will need to choose one item from their homework menu to complete that week. Mathletics work will also be set. Homework will be set on Thursday and is to be completed and brought in by Tuesday.

Reading at home should be done daily and recorded in their reading records. These will also be collected weekly on a Tuesday.

Children will need to work on their spelling list and regular mathletics  sessions will help to support the learning of times tables.

It is now summer term so summer uniform is allowed to be worn but ties are still a compulsory part of the uniform if wearing a shirt. For PE, shorts should replace jogging bottoms for PE kit.

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