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Class 4 Autumn Term

Dear Parents

Welcome to the Autumn Term of 2019. We trust that you had a restful summer break and have all recovered from the excitement of PGL.

Everyone achieved something during PGL, whether that were conquering a fear of heights; being away from home for the first time or building new relationships. I am very proud of all of them and hope that the at-titudes they presented carry on throughout the year.

The children have already had a taste of their topic for this term. The Ancient Maya is our history based topic for terms 1 and 2.

The class will be studying various aspects of the Mayan culture, such as politics, food, clothing, sport and many other things, all while reflecting the impacts that the Mayan culture has on today’s society.

This term there will be a larger emphasis on reading in Class 4. Previous-ly white reading records went home with pupils and were returned when they were filled up. This year there is an expectation for reading rec-ords to be returned weekly, so that I may monitor who is reading fre-quently and see what kind of books they are reading at home. This will take place on a Monday, so please ensure reading records are in this day.

Spelling practice this year will be taking place everyday, with the chil-dren receiving new spellings on a Monday and will have a spelling test of those spellings on Friday. These spellings will be written in their home learning books in order to be practised at home.

Mental maths books will be given out on Tuesday to be completed and handed in on Thursday. It is expected that children attempt one page of their mental maths book. If there are any serious concerns, children can approach me or Mrs Page to talk about their work and aid them in their understanding of the questions.

The children will receive their home learning menus this week. One task from this menu is to be completed weekly, Home learning books go out on a Wednesday to be returned the following Monday.

Overleaf is an outline of subjects and topics for terms 1 and 2 and on the back page are some Class 4 reminders.

Best wishes,

Miss Cross

Curriculum Overview

Numeracy: Working through the year 5 and 6 expectations of the Primary Curriculum. We will start work on place value, where they will learn how to read number up to 10,000,000, identify the value of numbers, use negative numbers in context and practice practical problems using the skills they learn. We will then move on to addition and subtraction, performing men-tal calculations and putting them into contexts with multi-step problems.

Literacy: Working through the year 5 and 6 expectations of the Primary Curriculum. We will start work on the grammar ex-pectations for year 5/6.These will be taught through reading and writing. If there are any grammar based questions I am happy to talk through them. I have provided a grammar termi-nology sheet for you to refer to.

We will be reading a variety of Mayan legends this term. The children will focus on the features of these texts and aim to write and perform their own Mayan folktale.

History: Learning about the History of the Ancient Mayan Civi-lisation and it’s impacts on today’s society.

Geography: Locating where Mayan civilisation was based and discussing the country of Mexico relating to both physical and human Geography.

Art and DT– The art focus for this term is preparation for our annual Harvest Festival. The children will be practicing differ-ent techniques to lead to a final piece of work for display. We will also do some research on the sculpture Henry Moore—as he used influences from Mayan work and conveniently has a statue located at Glyndebourne Opera House. We will be attending an opera at Glyndebourne later in the term.

Our DT topic is food technology. We will focus on researching Mayan foods and recreating some of these, such as maize tor-tillas and of course, chocolate!

Science: In science we will focus on properties and changes of materials, classify materials into a variety of properties, aim to understand mixtures and solutions; know about reversible changes and identify irreversible changes. We aim to link this in with DT by experiences the changes of materials during the baking process, as well as other reactions to materials.

ICT: Developing presentation skills through Microsoft Word. The children will create a variety of documents to improve their Word skills. This will go alongside typing practice to in-crease the speed at which the children can type.

RE: During the first few weeks we will focus on the celebra-tion of Harvest. Following Harvest festival we will be looking to answer the question’ What would Jesus do?’. We will look at various teachings and gospels from the Bible and ask ourselves, ‘What would we do?’ and relate these stories to modern day contexts.

PSHE: In PSHE the children will be participating in a new scheme of Jigsaw work. Mrs Page will cover these lessons on a Tuesday afternoon. The topic is ‘Being Me in My World’.

PE: Games, specifically Invasion games. Taught by All Star Soccer and myself. I will specifically be working on PE skills in order to play the Ancient Mayan game of Pok-ta-Pok.

French: We will focus on introduction and greetings, as well as topics like countries and numbers.

Singing will also be taught on a weekly basis.

We will look at the opera being performed at Glyndebourne.


  1. School starts at 8:55. This is the time children will be en-tering the school building and classrooms. There will always be an activity for children to work on at 8:55, so punctual attend-ance is essential. Children tend to be very flustered if they arrive late and this could in turn affect their academic achievement. If for some unforeseen circumstance children are late, please enter through the main office entrance and sign the late book.

  2. Uniform. We are on a mission to make Class 4 the smartest class in the school! Can I remind you that at Blackboys we wear black school shoes not black trainers and that tights should, whenever possible, be of dark grey/charcoal colour.

  3. Reading. All children in the class are armed with a reading book for class and a reading book for home. We do appreciate though that children often like to read their own books at home, and this is entirely fine. The children have received new Reading record books that are checked on Mondays and will re-sult in a reading certificate once completed. Please remember parents that it is also good practice to read to your children still.

  4. Homework is given out on a Wednesday and returned the following Monday. New spellings are given out on a Monday.

  5. PE days are Tuesdays and Fridays. Correct Blackboys PE kit is vital. In Key Stage 2 we are more than happy for children to wear trainers as opposed to plimsolls. Please ensure every-thing is named!

  6. We would be delighted if any parents would like to volunteer to help in class. This could range from helping with art and DT activities to listening to children read. If you would be pre-pared to help, please get in touch.

If you have any questions about any aspect of your child’s edu-cation then please feel free to ask. I am perfectly happy to receive emails if before or after school is not convenient.



Monday Home Learning in.
Reading records in.
New spellings.
Tuesday Mental math books out.
PE kits.
Wednesday Home Learning books out.
Reading records out.
Thursday Mental math book in.
Friday PE kits.
Spelling test.

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