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Term 3 & 4 Newsletter – Class 5

The Ancient Maya

Welcome back! I hope you were able to enjoy your Christmas break, and that the children are all refreshed and ready to get back to work! I am looking forward to our next theme at school, as it is something that I have been learning about for the first time. Please keep an eye on Parent Mail and any letters from school for any updates this term.

Mr Boorman


Our main theme this term is the ancient civilization of the Maya. The Maya were an ancient civilisation of people who lived in an area that used to be known as Mesoamerica. They are famous for their great pyramids, as well as for their amazingly advanced work on mathematics and astronomy. We will be finding out about life as a Maya, and about their customs and beliefs, as well as their incredible inventions.


In Literacy, we will be focussing on the text, ‘Middleworld’ by J&P Voelkel. The plot follows a teenage boy travelling to the jungles of Central America to try and find his Maya archaeologist parents. After half term, we will move on to the work of Shawn Tan, with a particular focus on the book, ‘The Arrival’. As a whole class, we will be reading ‘Boy At The Back Of The Class’, taking turns to read parts and answering questions about what we have read.


We will be starting the new term by continuing with our work on fractions, decimals and percentages. Year 6 children will be working on the concepts of ratio and algebra during this term, and we will also work on measurement, including area, perimeter and volume.


In term 3, we will be learning about grouping and classifying living things. In term 4, we will be learning about healthy lifestyles and the circulatory system.


In DT, we will be learning about and making traditional Maya food.


Our main focus in art is on painting this term. The Maya created beautiful murals on the walls of their buildings, and we will try to recreate some of these in our art work.


There is a spelling session each day Tuesday - Friday, where children in Key Stage 2 are split into their year groups in order to cover the year group objectives. Children will also be given a list of words each term from their year group’s statutory spelling list. These lists will be need to be learned over the whole term, and we will be doing dictation sentences using the words each Friday. Due to the SATs tests in May, Year 6 children will only have 4 terms to go through these words. Therefore, their lists will be longer than other year groups, who have 6 terms to go through their spellings. Each term’s list will be added to the class page on the school website.


Our two questions this term are: ‘How do people with non-religious views decide what is a good life?’ and ‘What difference does the resurrection make to Christians?’


Our two PSHE topics this term are ‘Dreams and Goals’ and ‘Healthy Me’. PSHE will be taught by Mrs Page this term.


This term, we will mainly be focussing on the use of spreadsheets, including the use of Microsoft Excel.


In PE, children will start to work on their gymnastics skills. They will also be learning about traditional dance with specialist dance coach Zara Breeze.


We will be learning about where the Maya came from, and how their surroundings contributed to their daily lives.


Homework will be set each week on a Wednesday. A homework menu will be given out which will feature mainly reading and writing tasks. Maths tasks will also be set, either on paper or on Mathletics. Homework is handed in the following Monday.

Don’t forget, you can do some extra work at home on Mathletics and Times Table Rock Stars, and make sure you keep reading – Reading records have been given out, and we are keen for children to earn some certificates! Children can bring their books from school home to read, and they can bring books from home into school.

Monday: PE with Mr Boorman. Homework handed in.

Tuesday: PE with Zara Breeze.

Wednesday: Homework handed out.

Friday: Spelling dictation sentences.

Key Dates

Thursday 3rd February – Class 5 Assembly

Monday 7th February – Parent consultation evening

Wednesday 9th February – Parent consultation evening

Friday 11th February – End of term 3

Monday 21st February – INSET day

Friday 25th February – Year 6 Houses of Parliament trip

Thursday 3rd March – World Book Day

Wednesday 30th March – Whole school Easter service and KS2 hike

Thursday 31st March – End of term 4. Cup assembly

Friday 1st April – INSET day

If you have any questions, please see me after school or contact me at rboorman@blackboys.e-sussex.sch.uk

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