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Term 1 & 2 Newsletter – Class 5

Welcome back to what will hopefully be a fuller year at school! We’ve been treated to some excellent weather which reflects the mood of the children, as they all seem happy to be back and raring to go. We are all looking forward to our PGL trip next week – remember, Mr Sullivan will be sharing updates on the school Twitter feed. We hope to be able to welcome parents back into school more this term to share all of the excellent things we will be doing.

Our main theme this term is called ‘Comparing Continents’. We will be concentrating mainly on the continents of North and South America, looking in depth at some of the physical and human geographical features of these continents. This theme will also feed in to other areas of learning.

Mr Boorman


In Literacy, we will be focussing on the text, ‘Ghost Hawk’ by Susan Cooper. The plot follows the interactions between Native American tribes in Eastern America with the first white settlers from Europe. After half term, we will be studying the book ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar.


We start the year by learning about place value and number, the building blocks of mathematics. We then move onto working with all four operations, (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication), before starting our work on fractions before the end of term.


Children will be focussing on their skills in drawing. We will be studying the ancient drawings in Peru called the Nazca Lines. We will also be making use of technology to create digital art.


In PE, children will be working on their cricket skills, as well as learning about invasion games with All Star Soccer.


We will start the year by learning about how to save and locate files on the school system, mainly through the use of Microsoft Word. We will also continue to work on our typing skills, looking at blog posts. E-safety will run throughout these themes.


There is a spelling session each day Tuesday - Friday, where children in Key Stage 2 are split into their year groups in order to cover the year group objectives. Children will also be given a list of words each term from their year group’s statutory spelling list. These lists will be need to be learned over the whole term, and we will be doing dictation sentences using the words each Friday. Due to the SATs tests in May, Year 6 children will only have 4 terms to go through these words. Therefore, their lists will be longer than other year groups, who have 6 terms to go through their spellings. Each term’s list will be added to the class page on the school website.


This term, we will be learning about the properties of materials and how they can be changed.


We will be looking at two questions about Christianity this term – ‘What would Jesus do?’ and ‘How can following God bring freedom and justice?’


We start the year by thinking about relationships. We will then learn about celebrating differences. PSHE will be taught by Mrs Page this term.


DT this term will be a study of textiles.


This is the main focus of our topic this term. We will be studying the position and countries of our two continents, after which we will be focussing on specific geographical features. In North America, we will be looking at the physical and human geography of the Grand Canyon, while in South America we will be studying the Peruvian Andes. This will also give us an opportunity to look at the culture and customs of the people who live in these places.

Homework will be set each week on a Wednesday. A homework menu will be given out which will feature mainly reading and writing tasks. Maths tasks will also be set, either on paper or on Mathletics. We will start giving homework out the week after our trip to PGL.

Don’t forget, you can do some extra work at home on Mathletics and Times Table Rock Stars, and make sure you keep reading – Reading records have been given out, and we are keen for children to earn some certificates! Children can bring their books from school home to read, and they can bring books from home into school.

Monday: PE with Mr Boorman. Homework handed in.

Tuesday: PE with All Star Soccer.

Wednesday: Homework handed out.

Friday: Spelling dictation sentences.

Key Dates

Monday 13th September – children dropped at PGL 4pm.

Friday 17th September – children picked up from PGL 1.30pm

Thursday 23rd September – TT Rockstars day in KS2

Thursday 30th September – Year 5/6 assembly

Thursday 7th October – Harvest Festival at Framfield Church

Friday 22nd October – Glyndebourne Opera trip Years 5/6. Last day of term 1.

If you have any questions, please see me after school or contact me at rboorman@blackboys.e-sussex.sch.uk

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