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Throughout terms 1 and 2 Class 4 took part in a new initiative run by the Lions Club. Working in small groups within class, each group had to come up with innovative ideas for the future. The groups had to present their ideas to the whole class and a panel made up of judges Mr Sullivan, Chair of Governors, Katherine Rabson Stark and Miss Cross. The winning group of Fletcher, Thea and Owen were then invited to the finals of ROAR2017 at Wakehurst Place on 7th December. The group of 3 hosted their stall showing people their idea, using designs on the Ipad and posters presenting their idea ‘Trash to Treasure’, a car which ran on recycled materials.

We are delighted to inform you that out of 20 schools taking part and 4500 children, our team won the competition overall. We are super proud of them. Well done! There are further details of this on our school Twitter feed @blackboysschool

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Safety In Action! Road Safety Winners

Click here to see the full article on the Uckfield FM website

Blackboys CE School Year 6’s recently attended a Wealden District Council, Safety In Action Day at Herstmonceux Castle.

This was one of many days which the council organise for local schools to attend with their Year 6’s.

The idea of the day is that children go round in small groups, attending ‘safety’ scenarios which include; stranger danger, rail tracks, social media and fire safety all these activities are done in a role play scenario, some of which the pupils wouldn’t necessarily know it was.

Blackboys CE School achieved the highest marks in the road safety element in the event. On Friday, 07th July at 9am the whole school came together to be presented with a shield and cheque.

Mrs Debbie Reeve presented the shield in memory of her son who sadly died on a Wealden road and a cheque for £250 to the School (money donated by Servomex, Crowborough). Wealden organiser Sophie Hepworth and Cllr Chris Hardy, Chairman of Wealden DC presented certificates to Year 6 children.

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East Sussex Book Award

On Thursday 23rd March, 15 children from Class Four visited Buxted School to meet children’s author Christopher Edge, whose book The Many Worlds of Albie Bright was part of the East Sussex Book Award. The children had a great time meeting Christopher, with some even getting their copies of his book autographed! As part of the award program, the children have been writing reviews of each of the books, and some of them received certificates of achievement for their work. They were perfectly behaved during the morning, and were a real credit to the school. Well done guys!

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Blackboys & Framfield Pupils Help Children in Syria

Article taken from Uckfield News

Youngsters from Blackboys and Framfield schools spent yesterday learning about the conflict in Syria and donated loose change to help children there.

The primary schools, which are part of the St Thomas a Becket Federation, together raised funds for Unicef which is working to keep children warm and safe in the war torn country this winter.

There were assemblies and lessons throughout the day and at Blackboys Year Three children ran a cafe to boost fund-raising.

Children from Framfield Primary School at an assembly on their fund-raising day for Unicef. At the front of the picture are school councillors adding their loose change to a map of the world. Leon Holland-McGee, centre, prepared a presentation for fellow pupils.
Children in Year One at Blackboys Primary School who were learning about children fleeing their homes because of he conflict in Syria. School councillors Harry Stacey and Sara Larkin are also in the picture.
Blackboys school councillors Harry Stacey, Year Five, and Sara Larkin, Year Six, with a poster about a cafe being organised to raise funds for the children’s charity Unicef.

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Blackboys Primary School Children Meet Netball Gold Medallist

Children from Blackboys Primary School are rallying in support of a charity run by netball gold medallist Natalie Miller.

The school council supports a charity each term and this time it is the turn of Kit Out the Caribbean which collects and donates unwanted or unused netball equipment to children in the Caribbean.

Read the full article in the Uckfield News.

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Uckfield Grand Prix

At the end of term (July), several year 6 children from Blackboys took part in the Uckfield Grand Prix event. Alongside some of their friends from Framfield, they had to race a battery powered kart around a track, changing drivers after every 2 laps. The children all had a great time and did a great job, finally finishing 2nd in their final event. As part of the event, the children also had to decorate the Kart. The final design was based on Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Well done to all those who took part!

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Uckfield Festival Parade

Last week, members of Class 3 and Class 4 spent the day with Hazel, an artist from the ‘Same Sky’ organisation, to create an army of Olafs (from the Disney film Frozen)! On Saturday, a group of students, staff and parents took part in the Uckfield Festival parade, marching up and down the High Street while carrying their Olafs high! Well done to all those who took part and came out to support the event!

Uckfield Festival Parade

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Swimming Gala!

The official BLACKBOYS swimming gala was a real hit. It is a really fun competition that everyone can enjoy. Our winners were the red team! I am blogging about the official school swimming gala. We started with our width swimmers for the best day of the year EVER. The races included: front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and t-shirt race. Then there were the lengths races that were the same as the width races but instead of a t-shirt race they had the raft race. Before the raft race there were the relays. The teams were:

Red: Jasmine, Malo, Katy, April

Yellow: Megan, Rosie, Jemma, Emily

Blue: Thomas, Ryan, Oliver, Isla

Green: Jessica, Taite, Oliver, Jamie

Everyone had so much fun and thank you to all the teachers for setting up the gala and to our magnificent lifeguard.

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Sports Day Blog

On the 4th of July Blackboys School had a inter house athletics competition for charity. Every year were split into girls and boys in our year groups, for heats. And, on the end of the day, in groups children did charity stalls and then they would send to a chosen charity. Originally, the annual sports day was meant to commence on Thursday the 30th, but due to local weather we had to postpone the day. Yet thankfully, it was a great call, because the day we did it was hot but the sun rays weren’t harsh enough to inflict us sun burn.

So, on Monday, we set out our gazebos for the houses, set out the chairs for the adults, and had our stalls pre setup for the end of the day then sports day was ready to start. Mr Sullivan blew the first whistle and we were off. Six receptions ran their hardest to the race line and it was great. Children in their houses of all ages, which ranged from four to eleven. At first the competition was tight, very tight.  Each house getting points for wins. But, at the end it wasn’t tight, not at all. But St Richard won by quite a way, we won by 35 points! But at the end we were all happy and it was fair play. After a long speech by Mrs King the year sixes started their stalls for charity, overall the school raised more than a £100 pounds! In all it was a very successful day for everybody there including the parents who fell over!

Sports Day

Written by Malo Bourgeois, Year 6.

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