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Class 4 Summer Term

Dear Parents

Welcome to the wonderful summer terms of 5 and 6! We hope that you had a wonderful Easter holidays filled with family fun and perhaps some (lots) chocolate.

After venturing around the world in our ‘Comparing Continents’ topic, the class will now be focusing on a great piece of British history—‘Smuggling’ in the 19th century!  The class will be transporting back to periods between the 17th and 19th century and investigate how people lived back in those times. What did they do for leisure? Who were the reining monarchs of the time? How were people punished and what could they be punished for? As well as  having a deep focus on all of the sneaky ways in which smugglers managed to transport goods into England  along the south coast.

Due to the hope of nicer weather, PE will be outside with a focus on athletics and games in preparation for our annual sports day. Also within these terms, swimming sessions will be taking place at Ringmer Pool on Mondays. It has now been asked that all children should be wearing shorts during PE, with their Blackboys house coloured shirt and a pair of trainers.

During Term 5 SATs week falls on the May 14th. In preparation for this week, Year 6s and Year 5s will be split, with our wonderful Mrs Riley teaching the Year 5s.  From the 23rd April, I will have the Year 6s where we will be doing plenty of practice and addressing any areas that may be of concern from the pupils.

Best wishes,

Miss Cross

  1. School starts at 8:55.  This is the time children will be entering the school building and classrooms.  There will always be an activity for children to work on at 8:55, so punctual attendance is essential. If for some unforeseen circumstance children are late, please enter through the main office entrance and sign the late book.
  2. Uniform.  We are on a mission to make Class 4 the smartest class in the school!  Can I remind you that at Blackboys we wear black school shoes not black trainers and that tights  should, whenever possible, be of dark grey/charcoal colour.
  3. Reading.  All children in the class are armed with a reading book for class and a reading book for home.  We do appreciate though that children often like to read their own books at home, and this is entirely fine. The children will continue to use the Reading record books that are checked regularly and will result in a reading certificate once completed.  Please remember parents that it is also good practice to read to your children still.
  4. Homework is given out on a Tuesday and returned the following Monday.  New spellings are given out on a Tuesday and due the following Monday. Mental Maths books are given out Tuesday and to be returned on Thursday.
  5. PE days during Term 5 and 6 are Mondays and Tuesdays.  Term 4 PE days are Mondays and Tuesdays. Correct Blackboys PE kit is vital.  In Key Stage 2 we are more than happy for children to wear trainers as opposed to plimsolls. Shorts are required for PE and appropriate swimming equipment for Mondays.

If you have any questions about any aspect of your child’s education then please feel free to ask.  I am perfectly happy to receive emails if before or after school is not convenient.


Miss E Cross


Numeracy:- Working through the year 5 and 6 expectations of the Primary Curriculum. Term 5 and 6 will consist of topics like: geometry, measurements, area and perimeter and angles. The children will look to use their mathematical knowledge to solve problems and provide reasons for their answers.

Literacy:- Working through the year 5 and 6 expectations of the Primary Curriculum.  Highlights of this term include studying poetry from the 19th century. Our main poem will be ‘The Smugglers Song’ by Rudyard Kipling, as well as other poems from influential poets of the era.

History– Our main history topic will be focusing on Britain throughout the 1700 and 1800s. We look at who the reigning monarchs of the time were, what people performed as leisure, life for the different classes and the crimes and how they were punished.

Geography - Throughout the topic we will find Geography links. These links include a recap of landmarks and historical sights in England, and in-depth analysis of the city of London and the British colonies.

Art and DT– The art focus for this term is collage, taught my Mrs Page. The children will be looking to practice new skills and techniques and aim to complete a group piece based around paintings of smuggling.

Science- In science we will focus on the human body and healthy lifestyles. Topics within the human body include: the circulatory system, the muscular system, digestive system and how we can keep these systems running healthily.

ICT– Scratch is the main focus of this term. The class will be learning how to programme their own games and quizzes in a series of lessons to help build up their skills.

RE– In RE we will be looking at the ‘Kingdom of God’. We will be looking at different Bible texts and showing our awareness of the different interpretations of them. We will be aiming to make clear connections between the Kingdom of God and how Christians but their belief into practice.

PSHE– Data protection is our key focus for term 5. In an age where a lot of children are online, it is important for them to know about whether their data is protected and the necessary steps to avoid it being stolen or mistreated.  During term 6 the main focus is about change. This includes studying topics like: transitions to secondary school, growing independence as they age and the physical and emotional changes that come with puberty.

PE– During terms 5 and 6 the children will be continuing their sessions with Mark Potter and he will focus on athletics in preparation for the annual sports day. Children will also be swimming every Monday at Ringmer Pool.

French— In preparation for the French trip in May. We will learning all about the French market: asking how much something is, various items they may find at a market and general conversation pieces for everyday life in France.

This term we are also looking for willing parent volunteers to come in and read with a group of students. If you would like to partake in this please let me or Mrs Sheffield know and we can make arrangements for an appropriate day.

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Class 1 Summer Term

Dear Class 1 Parents,

Welcome back! We hope you have all had a wonderful Easter Holiday.

As you know our topic for Terms 5 and 6 is ‘Under the Sea; Over the Waves’. Once again we have been delighted by the sensational home-learning projects that the children have produced over the holidays. The children have clearly enjoyed creating them and have talked enthusiastically about them during our celebration sessions. We very much appreciate all the time and effort that you have put in in order to support this pre-learning so thank you! This term we have displayed some of the projects on our Class 1 board in the corridor, as well as in the classroom, for the rest of the school and for visitors to enjoy. Do find a moment to have a look.

As our topic title suggests this term we will be focusing our learning on things we find under the sea as well as the seaside itself. We will be learning about the oceans of the world – their names and where they are located. We will explore the history of the seaside by looking at what how clothing for the beach has changed and the types of seaside entertainment people used to enjoy. The children have also suggested a variety of sea creatures which they would like to find out more about. Finally, Class 1 will also be creating sea themed artwork inspired by the works of the illustrator Eric Carle.


Children will continue to have opportunities to develop their vocabulary through new and exciting themed role-plays, as well as a variety of speaking and listening activities. We will focus on a number of different fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts to base our literacy work on, including:

  • The Rainbow Fish
  • Tiddler
  • Hooray for Fish
  • Commotion in the Ocean
  • Douglas the Deep Sea Diver
  • Why are fish like lions?

...as well as many others!

The writing focus for Reception is to continue to use and apply their phonics to write simple sentences independently. They will also be encouraged to accurately spell some the tricky words which accompany each phonic phase. In phonics, Reception will be revisiting Phase 3 sounds and will be introduced to Phase 4. We will be learning to read and write our tricky words and there will be a strong emphasis on blending. Year 1’s writing focus will be to develop their independence when writing. They will also be encouraged to think about the structure of their writing and ways to make it more interesting.


As the children’s phonic and tricky word knowledge develops this term so will the children’s reading skills. It continues to be essential that the children practise their reading as often as possible so please continue to read daily at home with your children for 10-15 minutes. This can include reading games which involve reading tricky words and phonic sound mats. We will continue to award certificates for every six pages completed in your child’s reading records.

Year 1 Spellings

As this is the start of a new long term a new Spice Up Spelling Sheet will be stuck into your child’s spelling book. Each week, usually on a Wednesday, your child will be given that week’s list of words in their spelling book. They are to learn those words by the following week using one of the menu choices. We expect the children to complete one activity per week and for it to be signed and dated by an adult. The tasks can be completed in their spelling books. However, please remember that practising spellings once in a week is not sufficient for a child to really know how to spell those words so please encourage and support your children by going over them several times. Please ensure that your child’s spelling book is in school daily.


Through the use of practical maths sessions, in which we will promote the use of a wide range of concrete apparatus, the children will be covering the following objectives:

Reception Objectives


  • To count reliably with numbers from 1 to 20, place them in order
  • To say which number is one more or one less than a given number (to 20).
  • To add and subtract two single-digit numbers and count on or back to find the answer.
  • To solve problems, including doubling, halving and sharing.

Shape, Space and Measures

  • To use everyday language to talk about position, time and money.
  • To compare quantities and objects and to solve problems.
  • To recognise, create and describe patterns.
  • To explore characteristics of everyday objects and shapes and use mathematical language to describe them.

Year 1 Objectives

Number - Place Value

  • To describe the place value of numbers to 100.
  • To compare and order numbers.

Number – Multiplication and Division

  • To count in 2s, 5s and 10s
  • To recognise and make equal groups
  • To share equally and make arrays
  • To add equal groups and make doubles

Shape, Space and Measure - Time

  • To recognise and use language relating to dates
  • To sequence events in chronological order
  • To recognise and name common 3D shapes
  • To tell the time to the hour
  • To measure and begin to record time
  • To recognise and know the value of different denominations of coins and notes
  • To solve problems involving money


Your child has a log-in for this online Maths website. Please keep encouraging them to use this as regularly as possible at home to help develop their maths skills. The children love receiving certificates for points earned! If anyone has lost or forgotten their log-in please say and we can give it to you again.

Parent Voice

Parent voice is extremely important to us and we love to hear what your child is getting up to at home. Please continue to complete ‘Wow’ slips or jot down any achievements that we should know about. The children love sharing their ‘wow’ certificates with one another.

Uniform and Water Bottles

Now that the weather is warming up please ensure that on days when it is likely to be hot and sunny you put sun cream on your child before they come to school. Also remember to send them to school with a named hat and water bottle.

9:05-9:20 Monday morning - share a book!!

We have already restarted our fabulous Share-a-Book sessions for this term. A massive thank you to all the parents and grandparents who have been supporting us with this part of school life. The children really look forward to these sessions.

Parent Helpers

If you (or a Grandparent) can spare any time to come and help in Class 1 we would be extremely appreciative as it is most beneficial to the children’s learning. Let Mrs Haverty know if you can help.

WANTED! Can you spare any of the following items…

  • Large pieces of material
  • Tapes – cellotape, masking tape, brown tape etc
  • Nuts and bolts – any sizes please
  • Planks of wood

Useful Class 1 Dates

Friday 18th May 1pm – 4:30pm  Reception to Year 1 consultations (by appointment only)
Wednesday 6th June Class 1 trip (provisional)
Friday 8th June Year 1 Café
Monday 11th June - Friday 15th June Year 1 phonic screen assessments
Tuesday 19th June Class 1 assembly

Finally, if you ever have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to email me at lhaverty@blackboys.e-sussex.sch.uk

Very Best Wishes, Mrs Haverty and the Class 1 Team

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Class 2 Summer Term – Man on the Moon

Dear parents,

Welcome back to a gloriously sunny term 5. We have already made a start with our Man on the Moon topic and the excitement levels are high! Thank you to all those children who did some pre-learning homework, we have some brilliant posters and models in the class and hope to display some of the work in the corridor very soon.

Terms 5 and 6 are very important in Key stage 1 as we have the Year 2 SATs coming up in the week beginning Monday 14th May. More information will follow about these. We also have the Year 1 Phonics Screening Checks in the week beginning Monday 11th June. I hope you found the information sent home before Easter to be useful.

In Literacy this term we will be making strong links with our topic and writing non-chronological reports about the solar system. We will be using a book called “Footprints on the Moon” by Mark Haddon to help us write newspaper reports about the first man on the moon. Another book we will be reading will be “Man on the Moon (a day in the life of Bob)” by Simon Bartram, and I hope that we will do some story writing from this book.

In Maths, we will be beginning with some work on measuring, looking specifically at mass and capacity. The Year 1s will then revisit place value, taking them up to 100 and ensuring a good understanding of the value of the digits, while Year 2 will be doing some work on statistics, eg drawing bar charts and understanding graphs. Where possible, this will link with our science work. Mr Sullivan will be focusing on position and direction with the class. This should leave us with time later in the term to revisit any areas of the curriculum that are still causing us some problems.

Science this term is looking at materials and their suitability for different jobs.  This links quite nicely with a topic on Space as we can talk about the materials used to build spaceships and astronauts’ clothing.

Our topic work will involve learning about the planets and their order from the sun, making our own planets by weaving wool around old CDs, designing and making our own Space Rockets, listening to Holst’s The Planet Suite and many other fun activities.

RE this term is about the story of Creation, leading onto a second unit about the role of the vicar.

Forest School has begun in earnest and Mrs Godfrey has worked hard to find ideas that will link with the work we are doing in class.  They have begun with making some clay aliens and will be moving onto weaving some willow stars and planets and then doing some natural printing.  If you are able to help with Forest School at any time please let Mrs Sheffield or Mrs Godfrey know.

A school trip is in the process of being arranged.  We have booked to visit Herstmonceux Science Centre on Friday 22nd June.

Our Class Assembly this term will be on Thursday 5th July, so plenty of time to book time off to come along if you’d like!

PE continues to be taken by Mr Potter on a Tuesday and we will be back to a Monday for our other session.  Both sessions are outdoor PE and so shorts, t-shirts and plimsolls/trainers are required.

As the weather warms up it is vital that hats and water bottles are brought to school daily (do remember to name your hat) and that suncream is applied before school (unless your child is able to put on their own suncream at lunchtime).

Remember to keep checking Google Calendar and newsletters for all the amazing events that take place in the summer term.

As always, should you have any questions, please ask.

Mrs Sullivan and the Class 2 team

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Class 3 Summer Term

Welcome back to our final term. It’s hard to believe that we are already so close to the end of this academic year. It’s been an enjoyable time so far, and I know that the children will really enjoy our final topic, as well as all of the exciting summer term events that will be taking place.

Term 5/6

Our overall topic for this term is ‘Mountains’. This is a geography based topic, where we will be learning about how mountains are formed, where we can find famous mountains and mountain ranges, and how mountains are explored and used. This will also allow us to study the history of mountain exploration, focusing on famous climbers like Sir Edmund Hillary and George Mallory.


Spelling: One activity to be completed from the Spice Up Spelling sheet that will be sent home. This is set and to be handed in on a Monday. Please ensure that spelling activities are put in your child’s spelling folder.

Literacy: A homework menu will be sent home, listing a variety of tasks for children to complete each week.

Maths: This will reflect current classroom learning, giving children the chance to either consolidate or extend their learning. At times this will be set using Mathletics.

Literacy and Maths homework will be set on a Wednesday, and should be handed in on a Monday. If children fail to bring their homework in on time, they will be expected to complete it at lunchtime and will miss part of their golden time on a Friday. Please see me before school or send a note in with your child if there is a problem on a Monday.

Reading: It is expected that children will read to themselves independently each evening. However, Children still need to read with an adult at home at least twice a week. This gives you a chance to ask them questions about their reading, helping them to develop quality reading skills outside of the classroom.

Monday Homework handed in. Spelling activity handed in. New spelling list sent home. Swimming at Ringmer.
Tuesday PE with Mark Potter.
Wednesday Homework books handed out.
Thursday PE with Mr Boorman


During the first part of this term, we will be studying a book called ‘The Abominables’, a story about Yetis in the Himalayas. It will allow us to write a range of both fiction and non-fiction texts. After half term, we will be focusing on poetry.


We will begin this term by finishing off our work on fractions and decimals. We will then be moving on to topics such as shape and space, as well as time and statistics.


Science this term is all about the human body. We will begin by learning about the human digestive system before moving on to finding out about the human skeleton and teeth.


In art we will be using clay to make 3D models of mountains.


This term, we will be considering the question, ‘What Sort of World Did Jesus Want?’


In PE, we will be swimming once a week on a Monday morning at Ringmer swimming pool. Please refer to the letter sent home for dates and times. Children need to be dropped off at the pool. Back in school, we will be developing our skills in games and athletics.


This term, we will be looking closely at the work of charities to support people in need.


In ICT, we will be looking at how computers can be used to be creative, using photos, videos and audio, while also thinking about what happens when we post things online.

German, recorders and singing will continue to take place each week.

Class Trip

Class 3 will be spending the day with our friends from Framfield at Branching Out, near Halland. In order to keep costs down, we would appreciate it if parents could drop off and pick up children from the activity centre. More details will be included on the letter for the trip.

Class helpers

We are always on the lookout for any parents who would be able to come in and give children the chance to do some extra reading practice.

If you have any questions, please see me after school or contact me at rboorman@blackboys.e-sussex.sch.uk

Key Dates

Friday 27th April Whole school skip-a-thon. Year 3 café.
Friday 4th May Year 4 café
Monday 7th May bank holiday, school closed.
Thursday 24th May Class 3 assembly
Friday 25th May INSET Day
Thursday 7th June Class 3 trip to Branching Out
Monday 18th June Science Week
Friday 22nd June Year 3 café
Wednesday 27th June Sports Day
Friday 29th June Year 3 café
Wednesday 4th July Reserve Sports Day
Saturday 7th July Uckfield children’s parade
Monday 9th July Swimming Gala
Wednesday 11th July Whole school production performances
Thursday 12th July Whole school production performances
Thursday 19th July Last day of term. Cup assembly.

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Nesting Birds

We began our session thinking about nesting birds, how many are now busy starting to build their nests. Working with hay and materials found around our area, we made our own ones and explored our forest school site for a good nest locations.

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Exploring Continents

As class 4 are exploring continents, we foraged for fresh spring greens and created an Asian inspired stir fry with noodles. We made chopsticks from hazel to eat them with. There was also some work carried out around the stream.

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