Class 2 Terms 3 & 4 – Rainforests Going, Going, Gone!

Dear Parents,

A big welcome back after the holidays –hopefully you all had a relaxing (!) and festive time and are ready to start the New Year with energy and enthusiasm.

Our topic for this term is Rainforests – Going, Going, Gone!  We have lots of exciting activities planned for Class 2. The children have already shown lots of interest in finding out about rainforests and are full of questions and ideas.

We have a good selection of books to study this term, including Rainforest animals by Paul Hess, The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry, “Slowly, slowly, slowly,” said the sloth by Eric Carle and many more.  We will be writing in different genres, including riddles, stories, explanations and poetry.  Handwriting is a big focus this term, and it would be great if you could encourage your child to complete their homework in pencil using a pre-cursive style that they are learning in school.  Year 2s can begin to join up, but need to be making sure they are remembering to form their letters correctly when they do this.

In Maths this term we will be starting with a focus on place value, going up to 50 for Year 1 and 100-200 for Year 2.  We then move on to understanding multiplication and division, so it would be great if the Year 2s could learn their 2, 5 and 10 times tables.  They can all count in these amounts, but they need to be able to recall facts from the tables, eg 5×5=25.  Towards the end of term we will be working on measurement; length, weight, height and capacity.  So a good time to send your children into the garden with buckets of water to get an understanding of the capacity of containers.  Or  to bake cakes to help them to understand the weight/mass of ingredients.  Mr Sullivan continues to teach Maths on a Tuesday morning and will, this term, be focusing on time.  It is of utmost importance that all the children are regularly talking about time, looking at clocks and watches, especially analogue faces.  The Year 1s are expected to know the time to half past and o’clock, and the Year 2s are expected to know it to 15 minutes, with some children going further to know to 5 minutes.  Your help with this topic is vital!

Our topic lessons this term will be focusing on the rainforest, understanding how they are formed, looking at climate and our science lessons will be focusing on the animals and plants that live in this habitat.  We will be creating some artwork based on a book called “Where the river meets the sea” by Jeanie Baker.  Our DT topic in term 4 will be designing and building a rainforest sculpture.


Homework Menu

As usual, there will be a homework menu for the term, with a range of activities to suit all learners.  Please choose one activity a week and hand it in on a Monday morning to be marked.  The children should be starting to take a bit more ownership of their homework, especially remembering to bring their books into the classroom.  Please encourage them to do this.


Every child should be reading for a minimum of 10-15 minutes each day. They could read to you, their siblings, independently or read with you. You can also read to your child and then discuss the book in greater detail. Comprehension is an incredibly important part of reading. You could also ask your child to predict what will happen next, describe what has happened, explain events, describe characters or rate their book. Lots of discussion!

All reading should be recorded on the Reading Record Booklet and then brought to school for a certificate.


Please remember to keep using Mathletics to practise rapid recall skills and to consolidate learning from lessons.


There will be a new spelling menu for term 3.  I have decided to send home a separate book for spellings this term to enable to children to keep practising their words all week.  It needs to be handed in on a Monday to get a new spelling list, and then it will be given back to the children at the end of school on a Monday.  I have also decided to give the children less words each week to help them to be able to remember how to spell each one in their writing.


P.E. kits

Our P.E. lessons are on Gymnastics on Monday afternoons and Games on Tuesday mornings. We ask that girls bring in a pair of socks on both days as tights cannot be worn in PE lessons- these can be left in their PE bags if necessary. Also, during the colder months we would like a pair of jogging bottoms to be brought in on Tuesdays for their games session.


Please check that your child’s uniform is clearly labelled with their name. We are still finding lots of property is mislaid and name labelling helps resolve this! Thank you.

Key Dates

Friday 19th January Year 1 café
Wednesday 24th January Parents’ e-safety workshop 7-8pm
Friday 26th January Year 2 café
Thursday 22nd March Class trip to Wilderness Woods

As always, if there are any problems or concerns with your child, please come in and discuss it with me.

Many thanks,
Mrs Sullivan