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Term 5 & 6 Newsletter – Class 2


Dear Parents,

Welcome back from your Easter holidays, I hope you all managed to enjoy a break and some family time.  This is a big term for Class 2, with KS1 SATs and Year 1 Phonics Screening all returning to their usual timings after a 2 year disruption.  We have a great overriding theme, this term, of Man on the Moon, which lends itself well to Literacy, History, Music and Science!


As many of you will be aware, at the end of Year 2, the children are assessed to see how well they have progressed within Key Stage 1.  This takes two forms; firstly, there are written tests for Maths, Reading, and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar; secondly, I make a judgement based on all the work completed over the last year as to whether your child is working at the expected standard for Year 2 or whether they are working below or above that standard.  I will be making my teacher assessments for Maths, Reading and Writing.  This is the same system that was used right up until 2020, when these judgements were put on hold for the pandemic, and this will be our first year of using the tests again to make our judgements.  The tests are very similar to the new standardised tests that the school has introduced for all year groups, and so the children are now fairly confident with the format of these.  I will be doing some preparation over the coming weeks to get the children ready to sit these tests, but it should be stated that the results of the tests are just one part of the whole judgement that is made rather than being the final judgement of your child’s attainment.  I plan to use the tests from the week beginning May 9th.  You will be informed of the final judgements via your child’s end of year report that will be sent home in July.


In Maths we will be working on learning to tell the time, so it would be a great time to get out those watches and help your children to recognise the hours and minutes on the watch.  Year 2 children need to be able to tell the time to the quarter of an hour, however, if they are working above the standard for their age, they are expected to know the time to the five minutes, eg 5 past, ten to etc.  Year 1 children only need to know the time to o’clock and half past.  We will also be doing some work on statistics, understanding tally charts and pictograms, and finishing term 5 with some work on position and direction.  During the term, we will be revising many of the concepts previously learnt, eg addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions.


In science this term we will be learning about materials and how objects are different from the materials they are made from.  We will be conducting several investigations about the properties of different materials, for example finding out the best material to use for the soles of our shoes.


We will be doing DT in term 6, learning about levers and sliders to help us to design and make a moving picture.


In computing this term we will be using Purple Mash to learn how to use email for communication.  We will also do some work on internet safety alongside this to ensure that the children understand the need to be safe when emailing.


We welcome All Star Soccer Academy back to Blackboys for the summer term, and they will be teaching the children athletics, getting them ready for sports day later in the summer.  We are also fortunate to have Miss Pavitt returning to Blackboys to take cricket coaching sessions with each class.  As we are now in the “summer” term, there is no need for tracksuit bottoms or leggings for PE, if your child is cold they may wear their school jumper over their t shirt and shorts.  Please check that they have suitable footwear for outdoor PE.


Our music, this term, links nicely with our space theme and the children will be learning about Gustav Holst and exploring the music of his Planet Suite.  There will be opportunities for listening to music, playing music and composing music.

Year 1 Phonics Screening

All Year 1 children across the country will be screened in June to assess their progress within phonics. It allows us to ensure we are supporting the children who need extra help with learning their phonics.  As with the KS1 SATs, these were postponed during the Lockdowns and the children were then screened during the Autumn Term of Year 2, however we are returning to pre-pandemic timetables and the children will be screened during the week beginning 6th June.  The format of the screening is 40 words to be read, 20 real words and 20 alien words.  The alien words use the phonemes that the children have been learning, so they test whether the child knows the phoneme and can blend them into a word, rather than their knowledge of words.  We will be practising these in school to prepare the children for this screening.


In English this term, we will be focusing on the theme of Man on the Moon and will start with a lovely text called, “Man on the Moon (A day in the life of Bob)” by Simon Bartram.  This is the first in a series of books and has a fun look at a man who works on the Moon entertaining tourists!  We will be writing our own stories about a man on the moon.  Following this, we will be reading some space-themed poems and writing our own poetry about space.  We will then be reading a book called “Footprints on the Moon” by Mark Haddon and writing newspaper reports about Neil Armstrong reaching the moon.

Reading continues to be important in class, with our regular volunteers coming in to listen to individual readers and the children bringing home their Monster Phonics and Dandelion books to read.  As a whole class, we will be reading The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark, taking turns to read parts of the text and answering questions about what we have read.


In History we will be learning about how space travel has changed over time, starting with the German V2 rocket, looking at the different animals that went into space, finding out what satellites are and finishing by learning about the International Space Station.  After half term we will focus more on the concept of exploration, learning about Neil Armstrong and his journey to the moon, but also making comparisons between his journey and the journey made by Christopher Columbus.


In Art we will be focusing on textiles, learning about Anni Albers and her weaving projects, before learning how to weave.  We will then create a planet-inspired piece of artwork by weaving different coloured wool.


In term 5 we will be returning to the religion of Judaism and learning more about what it is like to live in a Jewish household, with a focus on the Jewish Sabbath and the traditions surrounding this.

Term 6 will see us comparing religions and how they welcome babies into their families, thinking about Christian baptism, Islamic whispering in the baby’s ear and a humanist baby welcoming ceremony.


In terms 5 and 6 we will be learning about relationships and how we are changing as we grow older.  In relationships, Mrs Hall will be talking to the children about families, resolving conflict with friends and how to trust people.  In the Changing Me unit, the children will be learning about how they have changed since they were babies and will be learning to correct names for boys’ and girls’ body parts.  Through both units they will be exploring physical contact with others and what is acceptable.

Reading Books

We will be continuing to send home the Monster Phonics and Dandelion Readers each week.  The Year 2s are at to the end of the sets of books that accompany the Year 2 phonics framework, however, some of the children will continue to bring home books that will support their understanding of Phonics.

Please remind your children to change their other books once they have finished reading them.  These can be changed as often as needed but you are also welcome to read books that you have at home.  Please remember to keep filling in the reading records to help your child achieve certificates in our Gold Book Assemblies on a Friday.


Homework will continue in the same format as previously, but the Year 2s may receive extra homework to support their preparation for the SATs.  Please continue to support your child in completing and returning these pieces of homework.  They will receive house points for completed homework.

Forest School

It is Class 2’s turn for Forest School this term and you should have received a copy of the groupings before Easter.  Please ensure your child brings in suitable clothing and footwear for Forest School sessions, including a coat in case of poor weather.  We had a great uptake in parent help for our Forest School trip at the end of term 4 and it would be great if we could keep up the enthusiasm throughout terms 5 and 6.  Lydia needs to have 2 parent helpers with her to take KS1 children to the woods, and as many of you will have seen, the wooded area is magnificent and such a great place for the children to learn in.  We currently have 2 volunteers for one of the groups and 1 volunteer for the other group.  It would be such a shame if one of the groups is unable to go to the woods each week.  If you have time on a Thursday afternoon (even just once in the term), please contact the school office to sign up to help.

If you have any questions, please contact me on hsullivan@blackboys.e-sussex.sch.uk

Best wishes

Mrs Sullivan

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